It’s that time again, time to contribute. You can send funds via Paypal, by check (to me or to West Hunter  Incorporated if you’re after deductibility). West Hunter’s purpose is the advancement of education and science in anthropology and evolution.  That means this blog, scientific and popular articles, books, talks, and research projects.

You can also send bitcoins, to 1Jv4cu1wETM5Xs9unjKbDbCrRF2mrjWXr5 .


Looks as if my transmission needs work.  And dental crowns aren’t free.

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10 Responses to Fundraiser

  1. Eddie Morra says:

    Have you an email adress where we can ask you questions which are not directly linked to a particular article ?

  2. M. M. says:

    advancement of education and science in anthropology and evolution
    I trust you to kick some tires, shins & arses, too–keep up the good work.

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  4. MawBTS says:

    Well okay but I’m still not convinced this money isn’t going to some nefarious purpose, like buying WWII history textbooks to inflict on another unsuspecting child.

  5. Justin says:

    Used this as a chance to try out this bitcoin deal. Just sent y’all 0.15 bitcoin.

  6. misdreavus says:

    I would gladly donate, if I weren’t broke.

    Grad school is a waste of time.

  7. R says:

    Transmission needs work?

    I recall seeing Mr.Cochran in the Brainwash documentary, looking* quite like a typical American who would benefit from doing all travel under 50 km by bicycle.

    It’s amazing how much calories are needed to move around. 100 miles need cca 4000 kcal*. Not to mention that the human body evolved for a non-sedentary lifestyle, and works best if it does get regular, strenous workouts. Or is it a myth that aerobic exercise promotes neurogenesis?

  8. I’m piss poor cuz I choose to be. But your thoughts are much appreciated and I’ll support you when I can. It’s a thankless biz running a blog site and policing the comment section. I think (from my worthless viewpoint) that you are chipping away at the rock of ignorance but it’s a big goddamn rock.

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