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General Knowledge

Richard Lynn has an article out claiming that men have a 0.5 standard deviation edge in general knowledge. That fits with what I’ve seen, for example in terms of basic science knowledge. Or back in my College Bowl salad days: … Continue reading

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Anonymous podcasts

There are some interesting pseudonymous people out on the net that would make for an interesting podcast. However, what’s the etiquette for this? Do they wear a paper bag over their head and use a fake accent? Maybe just a … Continue reading

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What’s obvious?

John Stuart Mill wrote: “Of all vulgar modes of escaping from the consideration of the effect of social and moral influences on the human mind, the most vulgar is that of attributing the diversities of conduct and character to inherent … Continue reading

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stick figures = Rembrandt Because!

Looks as if Neanderthals did some non-representaional cave drawings. Or they represent something we don’t recognize. Good for them. I see people say this implies they were just like us. Somehow, any capability for symbolism – say, as much as … Continue reading

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Peripheral Strategies

Pseudoerasmus had an interesting thought about the Cold War: that all the West’s efforts in the Third World were pointless, had little effect on the ultimate outcome, with the possible exception of some big oil producers. “most developing countries could … Continue reading

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The 100,000 Hour Rule

Come back in 50 years and tell me how it works.

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The Last Question

Asking for a friend: At current prices bitcoin mining is in some places not a paying proposition, depending upon the local cost of electricity. Some computers are thus idle. Anyone know of a project whose likely results are either A. … Continue reading

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Plague of Frogs

Starting in late 80s, herpetologists began noticing that various kinds of frogs were declining and/or disappearing. There was & is a geographical pattern: Wiki says “Declines have been particularly intense in the western United States, Central America, South America, eastern … Continue reading

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Private conversations

What’s the right thing to do when someone has, in private conversation, admitted that he doesn’t believe in his public position?

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The hijab of ignorance

If you didn’t know which position you’d be born into in society, you would choose, not egalitarianism, but a form of society that maximized the rate of technological progress. That would increases your chance of living in a world with … Continue reading

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