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The 100,000 Hour Rule

Come back in 50 years and tell me how it works. Advertisements

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The Last Question

Asking for a friend: At current prices bitcoin mining is in some places not a paying proposition, depending upon the local cost of electricity. Some computers are thus idle. Anyone know of a project whose likely results are either A. … Continue reading

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Plague of Frogs

Starting in late 80s, herpetologists began noticing that various kinds of frogs were declining and/or disappearing. There was & is a geographical pattern: Wiki says “Declines have been particularly intense in the western United States, Central America, South America, eastern … Continue reading

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Private conversations

What’s the right thing to do when someone has, in private conversation, admitted that he doesn’t believe in his public position?

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The hijab of ignorance

If you didn’t know which position you’d be born into in society, you would choose, not egalitarianism, but a form of society that maximized the rate of technological progress. That would increases your chance of living in a world with … Continue reading

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Podcast on education

Our podcast on Bryan Caplan’s new book is now ready. You’ll find it here.

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Bright College Days: Part III

If higher education is mostly a social loss, as Caplan persuasively argues, what is to be done? Caplan thinks that the government should stop subsidizing education. He favors full separation of school and state* That position sounds a little less … Continue reading

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