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Not without honor

Jared Diamond spends a lot of time in GGS making excuses for groups that didn’t do much domestication of animals and plants. Sometimes the excuses are valid: farming was hard for Eskimos. Mostly they’re not: the wild ancestors of horses … Continue reading

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Bushmen palate: it’s all about the clicks

“it has been observed by several researchers that the Khoisan palate ends to lack a prominent alveolar ridge.”

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Same Old

We now know ( from ancient DNA) that Bushmen split off from the rest of humanity (or we from them) at least a quarter of a million years ago. Generally, when you see a complex trait in sister groups, you … Continue reading

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Age of Discovery: Pandora

In the Age of Discovery, Europeans were playing with fire. Every voyage of exploration risked bring back some new plague. From the New World, syphilis, probably typhus and rheumatoid arthritis. From India, cholera. HIV, recently, from Africa. Comparably important new … Continue reading

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Domesticated animals and human disease

Jared Diamond considered the disastrous impact of Eurasian and African diseases on the inhabitants of the New World, contrasted with a much smaller impact in the opposite direction, and concluded that a major factor had probably been transmission from domesticated … Continue reading

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Regional change

Jared Diamond thinks that people in different parts of the world can and have evolved in different directions, depending on local selective pressures. He thinks that people in Eurasia and Africa evolved resistance to various crowd and tropical diseases, and … Continue reading

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Jared Diamond says ” Sound evidence for the existence of human differences in intelligence that parallel human differences in technology is lacking.” In short, he dismisses the entire field of psychometrics. Doesn’t even bother to argue about it. The word … Continue reading

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