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Educating Ginny

We’ve home-schooled our kids through 8th grade. That has had its ups and downs. At one point, just after the twins were born, I decided to have a look at the history of World War Two, the greatest of all … Continue reading

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Everyone has heard of famous last stands, such as Thermopylae, the Alamo,  or the French Foreign Legion at Camerone.   They are memorable partly because they are rare – generally, soldiers surrender when all is lost, assuming that their enemies give … Continue reading

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Wizard War

Partly because it has some interesting examples of thick and thin problems, but mostly because it’s so damn much fun, I’m going to talk about The Wizard War, by R. V. Jones. Reginald Jones (Ph.D. Oxford, 1934)was one of the … Continue reading

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The Western Allies, in World War II,  ran the most successful intelligence effort in history.  They did well against the Japanese, frequently making partial decrypts of JN-25, the main fleet code, along with lots of useful traffic analysis, etc.   … Continue reading

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Gauge Transformation

As a reader pointed out, you don’t need to to have a flypaper memory to be a physicist.  There you can go a long way with a few basic facts and a long chain of mathematical reasoning.  You can see … Continue reading

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War in the East

The books generally say that biological warfare is ineffective, but then they would say that, wouldn’t they? There is reason to think it has worked, and it may have made a difference. Once upon a time,  it was spring 1942, … Continue reading

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