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Bright College Days: Part III

If higher education is mostly a social loss, as Caplan persuasively argues, what is to be done? Caplan thinks that the government should stop subsidizing education. He favors full separation of school and state* That position sounds a little less … Continue reading

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Bright College Days: Part I

I have a problem in thinking about education, since my preferences and personal educational experience are atypical, so I can’t just gut it out. On the other hand, knowing that puts me ahead of a lot of people that seem … Continue reading

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Poison Ivy Halls

I’m going to review Bryan Caplan’s new book, The Case Against Education. Will discuss it, and general educational issues, with James Miller [in an upcoming podcast]. This will eventually include a definitive prescription for fixing American education, not that anyone … Continue reading

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Some of my earlier thoughts on education

Here. With more to come.

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Majors, II

I talked about what people major in earlier, but this is useful, I think. I’m revving up for some posts about education. A question: I’d like to hear some thoughts about which degrees are worthless. Define you terms. For example< … Continue reading

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Bad Teacher

I just read “The Battle For Room 314”, Ed Boland’s account of a year teaching at a NYC high school. Boland had been an admissions officer, done fundraising for nonprofits – but wanted to DO GOOD, and of course go … Continue reading

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Federal University

College costs – real costs, in constant dollars – are about 2.5 times higher than they were were in 1965. And a higher fraction of those costs are dumped on the students, which means that it’s easy to graduate with … Continue reading

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