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Bad Teacher

I just read “The Battle For Room 314”, Ed Boland’s account of a year teaching at a NYC high school. Boland had been an admissions officer, done fundraising for nonprofits – but wanted to DO GOOD, and of course go … Continue reading

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Biology and Human Capital

I don’t pretend to be an economist.  If I had been, I’m sure that I too would have been unable to see the big real-estate bubble back in 2008, even though crazed Californians  were flipping houses all around my neighborhood. … Continue reading

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The Son Also Rises

Greg Clark has a new book out, The Son Also Rises. His thesis, in short, is that moxie has high heritability. Most studies show fairly high social mobility from one generation to the next – but Clark finds (using surname … Continue reading

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In the first place

We hear a lot about innovative educational approaches, and since these silly people have been at this for a long time now, we hear just as often about the innovative approaches that some idiot started up a few years ago … Continue reading

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Sometimes we touch upon the question of what people know or don’t know.  Probably this has something to do with what they study, assuming that they remember any of what they are exposed to in school. So what do college … Continue reading

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Educating Ginny

We’ve home-schooled our kids through 8th grade. That has had its ups and downs. At one point, just after the twins were born, I decided to have a look at the history of World War Two, the greatest of all … Continue reading

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Waiting for Super-Flynn

The NAEP has begun giving students vocabulary tests.  New Mexico fourth-graders came in 50th out of 50 states – although they still beat DC.   New Mexico usually does abysmally on standardized tests, but we often have managed to score higher … Continue reading

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