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Will Ethiopia be the next China?

Tyler Cowen asks. No.        

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Almost works

I’m looking for examples of chemical reactions, industrial processes, gadgets, that almost work. The laws of physics suggest that the thing is possible, but we haven’t found a way to do it, or maybe we can, but it’s uneconomical or … Continue reading

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Tower of Skulls

For many years, anthropologists [ many of them] have doubted traditional accounts of human  sacrifice, cannibalism, torture, and  general irritability among MesoAmerican Indians – mainly the Aztecs and Maya. Progress in archaeology and the translation of the Mayan script have … Continue reading

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Fixation index

According to wiki, Fst between Europeans (CEU) and sub-Saharan Africans (YRI) is 0.153. According to this study, Fst between North American wolves and coyotes is … wait for it..  0.153.      

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Review of “She Has Her Mother’s Laugh”

My review of Carl Zimmer’s new book, She Has Her Mother’s Laugh, will come out in Quillette, probably next week.

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CUDA, GPUs, and all that

Looking for free sites that would allow some experimentation with GPU programming, likely CUDA.  Also, thinking about buying something, what would you recommend? Something useful but not bleeding-edge?

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Synthetic Men of Mars

Let us suppose  that Elon Musk makes substantial progress in Mars colonization.  There’s a problem* – it’s not clear  that current Earth humans could thrive there. The gravity is a lot lower: we know that zero G is bad for … Continue reading

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