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Dysgenics – General

Genetic trends can decrease IQ, and as long as we want the fruit of technological civilization, we have to care about that. There are three main ways in which IQ could decrease: I. Selection could favor lower IQ within a … Continue reading

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O Canada!

Imagine a country with an average IQ of 100, some average amount of education (with some distribution), some average amount of capital per head (with some distribution of ownership of capital). Now add immigrants – 10% of the population – … Continue reading

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Not bad. Could be better.

There’s a new interview with Suzanne Sadedin, a feminist biologist. She’s about a million times more sensible than Cordelia Fine, when it comes to differences between the sexes in humans. After all, such differences are extremely common in other species, … Continue reading

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Same brain

I pointed out that that Daphna Joel’s work was crap – she was trying to find ways that can’t distinguish between male and female brains – that’s easy but useless. But if you can find one approach, any approach, that … Continue reading

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W. Tecumseh Fitch

I have occasionally seen work by W. Tecumseh Fitch, but I just learned two important things about him: A. He’s Sherman’s great-great-great-grandson, and B. He put a Chinese alligator on heliox. We’ve all wondered about that, but he actually did … Continue reading

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The Syrian Knot

A few years ago I wrote a piece that is surprisingly relevant today.

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The Big Picture

Once upon a time, I wrote a long spiel on life extension – before it was cool, apparently. I sent it off to an interested friend [a science fiction editor] who was at that time collaborating on a book with … Continue reading

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The Lost World

A while ago I mentioned that there might be unrecognized survivors of South America’s local placental lineages (Meridiungulata and Xenarthra). Unrecognized because very divergent, like golden moles, which are Afrotheria. Shoot, maybe even metatherians or some relative of necrolestes. But … Continue reading

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Alte Kockers

For a long time we have known that longevity tends to increase with IQ. Obviously this was because smarter people paid more attention to medical advice – (“More Doctors Smoke Camels”, put your baby on its stomach). But maybe not. … Continue reading

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Interview: Cabbages and Kings

Part 1 of my new interview with James Miller is now up.

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