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The Mating Mind

Do women find high  intelligence attractive?  Apparently not (MALE GENERAL INTELLIGENCE (G) DOES NOT INCREASE FEMALE SEXUAL ATTRACTION), as discussed on James Thompson’s blog.  I think I already knew this, to the extent that I thought Geoffrey Miller’s book on … Continue reading

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The Wrong Guys

The social sciences have developed in ways that are not necessarily to our advantage. How to fix? Jonathan Haidt thinks that social psychology has problems (I might put it a bit more strongly) that might be ameliorated by adding ideological … Continue reading

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Greg is back home

Ruth writes that Greg is home from the hospital. He is still quite uncomfortable I gather but progressing rapidly. He will soon be berating all of us again. Toddy Cat asked me for a post in Greg’s absence. I will … Continue reading

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Things are going to be slow for a while, because I’ll be recovering from bypass surgery (happens tomorrow).    

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Infertilty Belt

It used to be the case (considerably less so today) that a significant fraction of women in central Africa, up to tens of percent in some areas, were infertile or subfertile, due to various STDs.  This seems to have been … Continue reading

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TLRs, PAMPs, and Alley Oop

I hear that some Eurasians  – probably more than some – have Neanderthal or Denisovan versions of TLRs.  Not surprising: we’ve already seen this happen with other immune system genes – HLA variants , OAS1, STAT2  all have adaptive variants … Continue reading

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First* Peoples

There are two new papers out on the early colonization of the Americas, one in Science and one in Nature.  The Science paper claims that all Amerindians stem from a single Siberian population that moved into Beringia about 23,000 years … Continue reading

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