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When Public Policy Meets Elementary Biology

I have been thinking a lot about public policy, welfare, support of the indigent, and the growth of the underclass in industrial societies, mostly to prepare for this meeting. Public discussion and journalism routinely identify people as “right wing” or … Continue reading

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Breadth-first search

When I complain about some egregious piece of research,  particularly those that are in some sense cross-disciplinary, I often feel that that just knowing more would solve the problem. If Roland Fryer or Oded Galor understood genetics, they wouldn’t make … Continue reading

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Dogs and Men

Razib Khan talks about a new article that suggests that dogs were domesticated quite a long time ago, perhaps more than 35,000 years ago, well before the last glacial maximum. We know that dogs have adapted to life with people, … Continue reading

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One more time

One of our local error sources suggested that it would be impossible to rebuild technical civilization, once fallen. Now if every human were dead I’d agree, but in most other scenarios it wouldn’t be particularly difficult, assuming that the survivors … Continue reading

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Measles and immunological amnesia

A new paper in Science , by Michael Mina et al,  strongly suggests that measles messes up your immunological defenses for two or three years. This is the likely explanation for the fact that measles inoculation causes much greater decreases … Continue reading

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Eugenics, Ready or Not

There is an excellent essay about eugenics, genetic manipulation, and technology by Frank Salter here in the Australian webzine Quadrant and reprinted here. The essay is nearly free of the incessant hand wringing that pervades most journalism about the topic. … Continue reading

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SNP confusion

A single nucleotide polymorphism is a nucleotide that is variable – not everyone has the same one at that site.  To be more precise, it’s one that has significant variation – at least a few percent of people (in the … Continue reading

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