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The Third Sex

There isn’t one. But you have to admit that it would be interesting if there were. There are all kinds of different twists on basic biology that would make for a different kind of society, if they only existed in … Continue reading

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The Shaker Revival

Sometimes, when watching the ever-accelerating madness spreading through our ‘elites’, I worry. When Judith Shulevitz says “Scientists mostly agree that sexual identity is multifarious, not binary: fungible, not fixed.”, it sure sounds as if the EndTimes are approaching. You can … Continue reading

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Polynesia’s bloody roots

Polynesians are mostly descended from a population on Taiwan, represented today by Taiwanese aboriginals, and from a Melanesian population similar to New Guinea or the Solomon Islands. They’re about 25% Melanesian autosomally, 6% Melanesian in mtDNA, 65% Melanesian in Y-chromosomes. … Continue reading

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Lions, Tigers, and Bears

There’s a recent article out arguing that since there is no gold-standard , randomized controlled study that shows that removing predators reduces livestock predation – so we should stop killing lions, tigers, and bears. Also wolves. I guess that’s it … Continue reading

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You can characterize a group by its gene frequencies – which can be thought of as a point in a very high-dimensional space. Another group is a different point, and the between-group difference is a vector in that space. Ignoring … Continue reading

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Personnel decision

Who should be head of the FDA? Ideally he should understand how drug development is drying up and have some decent notions about fixing it – this is probably the biggest current problem. He should understand big pharma’s sins and … Continue reading

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political analysis

Just to make things clear, most political reporters are morons, nearly as bad as sports reporters. Mostly ugly cheerleaders for their side, rather than analysts. Uninteresting. how to analyze polls: Who ever is ahead in the polls at the time … Continue reading

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