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Missing Black Men, continued

It looks as if, after correcting for current imprisonment, the number of black men that are truly missing is not nearly as large as has been suggested.  Here’s a simple way of looking at it: the number of black infants … Continue reading

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Missing Black Men

Ron Unz said: ” A sense of the real world impact of these grim statistics may be found in the stratified 2011 Census-ACS data for major American cities.  The three urban centers with the largest black populations are New York … Continue reading

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Race Potboiler from Ron Unz

A new blog post from Ron Unz examines the correlation across large US cities between the percentage of the population that identifies itself as black and rates of various violent crimes. The correlations are remarkably stable over time and run … Continue reading

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Of Mice and Men

It’s not always easy figuring out how a pathogen causes disease.   There is an example in mice for which the solution was very difficult, so difficult that we would probably have failed to discover the cause of a similarly obscure … Continue reading

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Battle for the Planet of Low-Hanging Fruit

One fairly obvious, little-discussed variety of low-hanging technological fruit are those ideas and devices that are already known – to but a few.  Secrets. Sometimes important secrets are deliberately kept for a long time.  Consider the Chamberlen family. Peter Chamberlen … Continue reading

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I’d just like to thank those who helped support this blog by donations, or by buying T-shirts.  As for those regular readers who didn’t, well…  

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Impressed Ware

The question is, where did Europeans come from?  There have been a number of hypotheses, ranging from in-situ evolution from Neanderthal ancestors (mostly not),  directly from the earlier modern human settlers, from Near Eastern  farmers, from Indo-European steppe horsemen…   … Continue reading

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Genetic Language Delay

Recently, Wojciech Wisniewski and company found a deletion that eliminates an exon of the gene TM4SF20, a transmembrane protein expressed in the brain.  The mutant protein is terminated prematurely and apparently accumulates inside the cell. This mutation causes severe language … Continue reading

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Poles in the Tent

Among hunter-gatherers, men typically do the hunting,  while women gather edible plants.  Men are of course better at hunting serious game,  since they have much greater upper body strength than women, except in the vicinity of Amherst, Massachusetts. This division … Continue reading

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Dadly adaptations

In some species, males help take care of their offspring.  This is common in birds (~80%); uncommon in mammals (~6%), but it does occur – in wolves, for example. In particular, humans exhibit paternal care, although the extent varies. There … Continue reading

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