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ΔF508 is a Yamnaya mutation

Probably.  Look at the distribution – it’s in India & Pakistan, too.   While 35delG  deafness is probably an EEF thing.    

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GWAS for horsies

If we do the proper genetic studies on horses, lots of them ( > 10^6) we will eventually be able to find variants that predict how large or how fast individual horses are, and ( dare I say it) we … Continue reading

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19th Century History

Someone should develop a course based entirely on the Flashman novels.

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Brooklyn Project

In your opinion, what technical efforts A. would have world-shaking consequences and B. are clearly feasible?

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New Soviet Man vs Trigglypuff

From time to time I have marveled at how the Left has changed over the years – basically, from steel-driving commies to gender-bender commies.  Which leads me to wonder what  would happen if, via some mechanism built of ivory and … Continue reading

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The other side of the hill

I just saw someone suggest that one needs to make a serious effort to understand the best arguments of people you disagree with – that you should, for example, [  spend 30 minutes or so a day reading the “other … Continue reading

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Considering the numbers, their sample should be about half Ashkenazi Jewish.

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GWAS scores & homozygosity

If we had good-enough average GWAS scores for a population, scores that worked for that population, we would still need to consider the extent of inbreeding. Whatever the average score is for the Saudis, lots of cousin marriage makes things … Continue reading

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Luzon, Sulawesi, Flores

A few years back I was discussing Denisovans in Wallacea: here’s the map again. Cooper and Stringer were suggesting that Denisovans had colonized some or most islands in Wallacea, and that explains Denisovan ancestry in populations there today (Philippine Negritos … Continue reading

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Who We Are: #9 Europe

To a good approximation, Europeans are descended from three populations: mesolithic hunter-gatherers, Anatolian farmers ( EEF) and Yamnaya pastoralists. When this story begins, about ten thousand years ago, Europe was occupied by hunter-gatherers – foragers with sophisticated flint tools ( … Continue reading

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