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Last Ditch

Various responses have led me to think about what nations are willing to do in the last extremity, when they see doom impending. Over the Cold War, now apparently forgotten, major nations seemed willing to take the enemy down with … Continue reading

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Deep Secrets

I noticed some pundits talking about Trump getting his top-secret briefings. They were musing about the emotional impact of learning the Government’s ‘deep secrets’. I wonder. I remember being read into a special access program and thinking “Is that all … Continue reading

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Tracking Polynesian Roots

That late-arriving ~25% Melanesian fraction of autosomal ancestry came from somewhere – somewhere in particular, some population from New Guinea or (more likely) the Solomon Islands. People have inhabited the Solomons for a long time, surely long enough to develop … Continue reading

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Social Desirability Bias

It must be strong today, something like 5 points. If so, you’ll be hearing calls for the end of the secret ballot.

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