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Indian Love Call

Been a bad few days: apparently I’m in trouble with the IRS, the Feds are suspending my Social Security #, and there’s something wrong with my Microsoft account. Speaking of, why is this phenom never addressed by Presidential candidates?  

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Inner Truth

I would bet that the majority of people that read The Man in the High Castle do not understand the ending.

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Crazy about hemochromatosis

   There’s a mutation, fairly common in northern Europeans,  in which homozygotes absorb too much iron. Untreated, iron accumulation can lead to cirrhosis and a form of diabetes.  Treatment is simple: bleed the guy, early and often. It’s one of … Continue reading

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Life finds a way

There turn out to be a number of cell line infections – contagious cancers – in marine filter feeders, as I suspected a long time ago. I wonder if some may have evolved a strategy in which they gradually replace … Continue reading

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