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Let George Do It

I was thinking about how people would have adapted to local differences in essential micronutrients, stuff like iodine, selenium, manganese, molybdenum, zinc, etc. Australia, for example, ¬†hasn’t had much geological activity in ages and generally has mineral-poor soils. At first … Continue reading

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Stolen generations

Someone was quoted as saying that if you adopted an Australian Aborigine kid and raised him in England, he’d do just fine.¬† This is a standard prediction, or maybe really an assumption, of most social scientists: people are the same … Continue reading

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A Three-Hour Tour

New genetic analysis indicates that Australian Aboriginals, at least those in the northern part of Australia, picked up about 11% of their ancestry from India, relatively recently – about 140 generations ago. 4000-5000 years, depending on generation length. Lots of … Continue reading

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