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Interview: Mostly Sealing Wax

Part II of my recent interview with James Miller is now up.

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Nothing else matters

Average IQ scores have gone up a lot over the years, although they seem to be plateauing. Do I think that people really got smarter over that period? Based on real-world accomplishments? Not one bit. Probably they’ve gotten a bit … Continue reading

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Bell beakers – or, the birth of Britain

The Beaker culture is an archaeological culture that existed in the late Copper Age and early Bronze age in western Europe, characterized by a particular style of pottery drinking vessels, but also by developments in copper metallurgy, archery, etc. It … Continue reading

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Differences, within and without

Suppose that the narrow-sense heritability of IQ is 0.7 [ in typical western circumstances: no ball-peen hammers), and the non-genetic variation is almost all caused by mysterious unshared-environment effects – not the school you go to or the books in … Continue reading

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Chinese innovations

I’m interested in hearing about significant innovations out of contemporary China. Good ones. Ideas, inventions, devices, dreams. Throw in Outer China (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore).

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Positively wrong

Wanting something to be true doesn’t make it true – but sometimes, desperately wanting something to be true pays off. Sometimes because you’re actually right (by luck), and that passion helps you put in the work required to establish it, … Continue reading

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