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Does anyone have some good sources for IQ, academic achievement, etc among Japanese-Brazilians, compared to their compatriots? note: this article is worth taking a look at.

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The twins were all right

Twin studies have played a major role in investigations of genetic influences on intelligence and personality.  Generally, they suggest that genetic influences on those traits are quite strong,  a conclusion that a lot of people have had trouble swallowing.  As … Continue reading

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I just spent a couple of days at a conference in Chicago, one urging the geneticists and the economists to be friends (Conference on Genetics and Behavior).  I suppose it could happen someday.  There were a few interesting talks, which … Continue reading

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Let George Do It

I was thinking about how people would have adapted to local differences in essential micronutrients, stuff like iodine, selenium, manganese, molybdenum, zinc, etc. Australia, for example,  hasn’t had much geological activity in ages and generally has mineral-poor soils. At first … Continue reading

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More on Deafness

Last time, I was talking about the  hearing children of deaf parents.  They could give us some interesting information on the effect of a verbally impoverished environment in early life , which is the currently fashionable explanation for low IQs … Continue reading

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Neanderthal Man: In Search of Lost Genomes

Svante Pääbo has a book out, Neanderthal Man, in which he recounts his adventures sequencing ancient DNA.  He has had three big successes: the first successful sequencing of Neanderthal mtDNA in 1997, the first sequencing of the Neanderthal nuclear genome, … Continue reading

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