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Double Star

I was not surprised by the recent Congressional baseball shooting. The threat is ongoing. This means that we may need enhanced security for political figures – which raises the question of using doubles. Obviously, the more doppelgangers running around kissing … Continue reading

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African variation

Generally, sub-Saharan Africans have low scores on IQ tests, educational assessment tests like PISA, etc. Does that mean that all Africans are the same? No. Could some population in Africa do considerably better, say more like Europeans or East Asians? … Continue reading

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I like simulations: I’ve written lots of them. I’ve used them to understand questions better – questions like the electronic structure of semiconductors, the evolution of Ashkenazi intelligence, and methods of combining adaptive optics and imaging processing. There are systems … Continue reading

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Slush Fund

I’m thinking of reviewing some books that are not hilariously stupid: I can’t promise that my review will make you laugh. I’m looking for some money for book-buying – probably ebooks, because that’s faster and doesn’t threaten to collapse my … Continue reading

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Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.

It now looks as if the majority of the genetic variance in IQ is the product of mutational load, and the same may be true for many psychological traits. To the extent this is the case, a lot of human … Continue reading

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Not One Step Back! – well, maybe a couple

Often you can come up with better explanation by taking a wider view. For example, I’ve heard people suggest that Europeans have lower IQs than Ashkenazi Jews because of priestly celibacy. But a broader perspective suggests that is not key: … Continue reading

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Is that all there is?

Testosterone Rex is a really stupid book. Interesting that none of the Establishment reviewers noticed. Anyhow, I was talking with a friend, and he opined that this is always the case – all the books by self-professed feminists are stupid. … Continue reading

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