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Black Doctors, Black Babies

There’s a paper out claiming that black infant infant mortality is much higher when they’re treated by white doctors, rather than black doctors. Could it be that MCAT scores have negative predictive value? No, there’s a simpler explanation: the report … Continue reading

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A Random Walk on Scientists

A number of  epidemiologists and virologists  did not expect to see significant adaptive evolution for increased transmission in covid-19, and continue to argue against that hypothesis.  Vincent Racaniello, well-known virologist, takes this position.  So does  David Dowd, an infectious disease … Continue reading

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Lloyd Fredendall

Lloyd Fredendall was a general in the American Army in WWII, serving in North Africa. He is known primarily for being a fuck-up. His early career may have been a sign: he dropped out of West Point twice. He commanded … Continue reading

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