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Tell about yourself. While you’re at it, tell me what you find interesting in this blog. Suggestions, too – I’ll read ’em, although I make no promises.

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A sense of where you are

The New York Times just put out a story titled “Overdose Deaths Exceeded Half a Million in 2014”. As so very often on reading something in the Times, I said to myself “that’s wrong.” Because it had to be wrong … Continue reading

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The Ionian Mission

I have have had famous people ask me how the Ionian Greeks became so smart (in Classical times, natch). In Classical times, the Greeks – particularly the Ionian Greeks – gave everybody this impression – in everyday experience, and certainly … Continue reading

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Internal Contradictions

I noticed a confused (naturally) but halfway interesting piece in SLATE, about some whacko that has concluded that men who have had their dick chopped off are not really women. Well duh. Of course, he was educated into this conclusion … Continue reading

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Eskimo Evolution

There’s another report out on selection in the Greenland Inuit. They found clear signs of positive selection in FADS, the fatty acid desaturase gene cluster. More interesting was the discovery of strong selection on a region containing WARS2 and TBX15, … Continue reading

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Winning isn’t everything

Ashton Carter, who has a brain even if he doesn’t use it, just declared all combat positions open to women. I’ve heard people say that’s ok – sure, hardly any women are as strong as men, but if you hold … Continue reading

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Sex and the Brain

I just noticed an new article in PNAS – research by Daphna Joel a behavioral neuroscientist at Tel Aviv University. Using MRI, she concludes that the brains of men and women aren’t really different. She suggests that the notion that … Continue reading

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