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Generations of Exclusion

Is a book by two UCLA sociologists, Vila Ortiz and Edward E Telles, published in 2008. It originated in a fair-sized data set (1576 people) collected in 1965, which was rediscovered in 1992. The original respondents and their adult children … Continue reading

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Boiling Off

In principle you can imagine a  group experiencing selection for some trait by having members leave.   However, it takes special circumstances, unusual circumstances.  First, the people who defect have to be uncharacteristic: they  have to differ from the group in … Continue reading

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Myriad Ways

Rushton thought that the explanation of geographical variation in IQ was adaptation to a world with winters.  I didn’t think that was crazy, but I was pretty sure I could come up with ten other comparably plausible explanations.   In … Continue reading

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PSAT clumping

My middle boy, Roddy, he of mampire fame,  got his PSAT score.   230 (out of 240): not bad at all. He will be a NMSQT finalist, as long as he doesn’t burn down the school.  Which is a good … Continue reading

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Polymorphisms and Load

We have found that important traits such as height or IQ  are highly heritable, but that no single allele explains much of the variance in those cases. Taken as a whole,  common variants  do explain a lot,  but even they … Continue reading

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Waiting for Super-Flynn

The NAEP has begun giving students vocabulary tests.  New Mexico fourth-graders came in 50th out of 50 states – although they still beat DC.   New Mexico usually does abysmally on standardized tests, but we often have managed to score higher … Continue reading

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Reversal of Fortune

I’ve been thinking, off and on, about sudden changes in the cognitive abilities of populations: groups low suddenly scoring much higher or lower on a time scale too short to be explained by selection: say, three generations or less.  This … Continue reading

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