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How do we do it? Volume!

In current MRI studies, the correlation of brain volume and IQ is about 0.4 – and a good thing, too.  If there was no significant correlation, we would have to conclude that natural selection didn’t work.   Here’s why. Brain tissue … Continue reading

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How Sweeps Get Soft

A puzzling finding from the search for selection in humans is the large number of apparently selected variants versus the apparent absence of high frequency selected regions and regions that have become fixed in our species. If there is indeed … Continue reading

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Move Along, Nothing to See Here, No Selection After All

In August of 2010 Ann Gibbons wrote a perceptive column in Science about the literature finding evidence for positive selection in the human genome. She described the burst of papers in the late 2000s on the topic and how they … Continue reading

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All One Species

We now know that anatomically modern humans with interfertile with Neanderthals and Denisovans. It seems likely that AMH was interfertile with a very divergent African group whose genes show up today in Bushmen and Pygmies. Almost certainly, Neanderthals and Denisovans … Continue reading

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Tea Leaves

The new paper in Science about an Australian genome (An Aboriginal Australian Genome Reveals Separate Human Dispersals into Asia) hints at something new.  Comments in the supplement (and by Ann Gibbon) suggest that the Denisovans may stem from Homo erectus, … Continue reading

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Archaic admixture – what is it good for ?

It now looks as if everyone outside of sub-Saharan African has two or three percent Neanderthal ancestry. Australoids have, in addition,  somewhat more Denisovan admixture, while Pygmies and Bushmen  have a couple percent admixture from an unknown, very divergent African … Continue reading

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The Jermyn Program (Part II)

The general idea of the Jermyn Program is that existing races recapitulate the hominid subspecies circa 100 thousand years ago.  Back then, we had anatomically modern humans (AMH) in some fraction of subSaharan Africa and the Levant,  another unknown but … Continue reading

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