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The Same Old Story

People often reinterpret past events, recast them in terms of some contemporary ideology. When historians talk about the Monophysites in Byzantine times, they often suggest that those struggle are a mask for a kind of proto-nationalism. Maybe they were: and … Continue reading

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The recent popularity of men choosing to be castrated and wear a dress ( a ‘sex-change’) has some similarities to certain past practices. The people involved had very different things to say about their reasons, but it’s sometimes better to … Continue reading

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Charter Schools

I noticed an article by Megan McArdle, We Libertarians Were Really Wrong About School Vouchers . She says “it was reasonable to think,in 1997, that voucher programs could change the world. ” No, it wasn’t. You had to be a … Continue reading

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I am not a Moron

So said Agustin Fuentes on Twitter, a few days ago. He’s the same guy that said “Genes don’t do anything by themselves; epigenetics and complex metabolic and developmental systems are at play in how bodies work. The roundworm C. elegans … Continue reading

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