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Brains! Brains!

One general factor that partially explains our ineffective approach to Wuflu is that too many people in key jobs affecting our response – the press, the medical research establishment, politicians, advisors – aren’t all that smart. We could  draft all … Continue reading

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Claims that having a big fraction of the work force stay home for two or three months ( to stifle Wuflu) would ruin the economy ( some say for a generation ) , even though infrastructure and factories would be … Continue reading

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Some guys at Oxford suggest that that A. a huge fraction, maybe 50%,. of the pop in England have already had it ( and are thus immune) , and B. that the fraction of those infected that get seriously ill … Continue reading

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A somewhat similar case

Many people are not at work ( in lockdown) but some still are: health workers, basic transportation and utility workers,  farmers, food providers. So the percentage off work is not 100%: maybe 80%? I found a different, somewhat analogous case … Continue reading

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Just another flu in Bergamo

Here’s an interesting article from Bergamo – Google translates it well enough.  It gives many examples of how the death rate is  much higher than the official estimates of the Italian government, largely because people are dying without ever getting … Continue reading

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In 1943, 1944, and 1945,  the US put ~35% of GDP into war production, which helped win the war but, in general, produced stuff that had very little utility in civilian life.   Judging by what some people are saying, throwing … Continue reading

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My Name is Inigo Montoya

Various people are arguing that we should let Wuflu rip ( for the economy !), eschewing strategies that would likely get it under control at fairly high economic cost.  This would  ending up causing the death of  a lot of … Continue reading

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