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Non-replicating lawyers

If the replication crisis ever rears its head in the courtroom, there will be hell to pay.  Many kinds of routinely used evidence and  testimony are utter trash. Advertisements

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Wheel in the Sky

I noticed some idiot claiming that, in 1700, China and India were ” more  sophisticated scientifically than europe”.  Nonsense, of course. Hellenistic science was more advanced than that of India and China in 1700 ! Although it makes me wonder … Continue reading

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Indian Love Call

Been a bad few days: apparently I’m in trouble with the IRS, the Feds are suspending my Social Security #, and there’s something wrong with my Microsoft account. Speaking of, why is this phenom never addressed by Presidential candidates?  

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Inner Truth

I would bet that the majority of people that read The Man in the High Castle do not understand the ending.

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Crazy about hemochromatosis

   There’s a mutation, fairly common in northern Europeans,  in which homozygotes absorb too much iron. Untreated, iron accumulation can lead to cirrhosis and a form of diabetes.  Treatment is simple: bleed the guy, early and often. It’s one of … Continue reading

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Life finds a way

There turn out to be a number of cell line infections – contagious cancers – in marine filter feeders, as I suspected a long time ago. I wonder if some may have evolved a strategy in which they gradually replace … Continue reading

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Doubling Down

Angela Saini has an interesting review in Nature of Skin Deep, a ridiculous book about how racial differences have no role in sports achievement. Of course, that’s just nonsense, obviously so: some Kenyan and Ethiopian populations are way better at … Continue reading

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