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Promising Ukrainian strategy

Montezuma, Atahualpa, Santa Ana

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Flerov’s Gambit

Georgy Flerov was a young nuclear physicist in the Soviet Union who ( in 1943) sent a letter to Stalin advocating an atomic bomb project. It is not clear that Stalin read that letter, but one of Flerov’s arguments was … Continue reading

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Triple Bank Shots

By which I mean multi-step causal chains that are part of a complex plan – something intended by some individual or group. In the strong form, one for which the initial push is sufficient, so that the ball ends up … Continue reading

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What if

I don’t think the story is perfectly clear right now. But suppose it becomes clear. Suppose that we find that Covid-19 was ( for sure) the accidental product of virologists working in a Wuhan lab, funded by the US government. … Continue reading

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The First Team

I’ve been reading Thin on the Ground, a book by Stephen Churchill. One of his ideas is based on the fact some predator species are dominant over others and get the lion’s share (cough, cough) of the kills. Lions frequently … Continue reading

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Books 2021

You might also be interested in my booklists from from 2014, 2016, 2017,  2018,  2019, and 2020 . A Savage War of Peace The Canterbury Tales Adaptation and Natural Selection Anabasis Janissaries Gallic Wars A World Out of Time The Peace War The Archimedes Codex … Continue reading


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Threading the Needle

The problem with the idea of an early, pre-Amerindian settlement of the Americas is that ( by hypothesis, and some evidence ) it succeeded, but ( from known evidence) it just barely succeeded, at best. Think like an epidemiologist ( … Continue reading

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Footprints in the Sands of Time

The fossil footprints around an ancient lake in White Sands have been known for some time, but now we have what look to be perfectly respectable C-14 dates. They’re about 22 thousand years old, close to the Last Glacial maximum … Continue reading

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You Have Been in Afghanistan, I Perceive

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The African Queens

Honeybees are an Old World species and likely originated in Africa. In order to succeed in places with cold winters, like Europe, they had to develop new adaptations. Mainly behavioral adaptations: they retreat to their hives and form a winter … Continue reading

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