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A couple of people have suggested that Dominic Cummings might benefit from my advice.  The general goal, presumably, is making Britain great again. Doable?  Even to the extent of making GB a major power? I would think so. No country … Continue reading

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Dandruff is apparently caused by Malassezia globosa, a yeast.  Infection seems to speed up cell turnover, so skin cells mature and are shed in 2-7 days, instead of a month in people without dandruff. This has been known for a … Continue reading

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Books, 2019

You might also be interested in my booklists from 2014, 2016, 2017, and 2018. A World At Arms Guadalcanal How the North Won The Way Things Work The Ants Twilight of the Mammoths The Prose Edda The Spanish Civil War The Fall … Continue reading

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Local brain drain

Abdel Abdellaoui and colleagues recent put out a paper on genetics and social stratification in Great Britain. Among other things, they found that polygenic scores of educational attainment were lower in seriously economically depressed areas,  such as coal mining towns … Continue reading

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  I was some interested in the Congo wars, back in the 90s, but there was  very little coverage in the media. Eventually I ran across an article that had maps of the front lines, reasonable discussions of the players  … Continue reading

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History and Inbreeding

What are the earliest refs you know of that mention the disadvantages of inbreeding, in animals and/or humans?

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Gene Flow III

This is a table of the distribution of edar370a, the allele that plays a big role in making Northeast Asians look the way they do.  I’ve talked about it before. Note that the allele frequency is generally zero in African … Continue reading

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