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Take my wife, please !

There’s a new paper out in Science – ” The genomic history of the Iberian Peninsula over the past 8000 years” .  It discusses genetic change over time, from hunter-gatherer days, the arrival of the Anatolian-ancestry farmers, and the coming … Continue reading

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selective immigration

Some cases involve stronger selection than I would have guessed.  Nigerian male immigrants to Great Britain, 1980-2010: low, medium, and high level of education:  ” We distinguish three levels of education: primary (low skilled: includes lower secondary, primary and no … Continue reading

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Someone on the internet was saying that  “genetically engineering babies for intelligence etc. probably wouldn’t work. All of our associations are inextricably and unknowably culture-bound (both wrt to time & place)”  If I have this right, just because certain genetic … Continue reading

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Assortative Mating

If memory serves, both of Bruce Lahn’s parents were physicists. I believe they met while working in a coal mine.

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The Canine Blank Slate

There are those that think that there are no real, baked-in average differences in personality or smarts between different dog breeds.  Pit bulls are depraved because they’re deprived.  Border collies learn to herd at a special secret school, probably something … Continue reading

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Good excuse

I haven’t seen a lot of apologetic histories of the Soviet Union ( ” the gallant Lost Cause “): not yet anyhow. So far, just random garbage from the New York Times, about how sex was better under socialism. But … Continue reading

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Kinds of evidence

Some people ( like Amy Harmon, but not her alone) have been saying that we don’t have genetic evidence for average differences in intelligence between different human races. Harmon tries to imply that this means that there are no such … Continue reading

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