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Thrall’s Saga

There’s a new paper out on Iceland’s demography. Originally, Iceland was roughly half Scandihoovian and half bog-trotters. But today, the islanders are about 70% Norse. The authors think that this was probably genetic drift. They are wrong.  Those Gaelic ancestors … Continue reading

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GWAS studies are rapidly establishing the role that common gene variants play in individual variation in complex traits.  Height, educational attainment, IQ, various health risks. They can also be used to investigate average trait differences between groups. There are technical … Continue reading

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In the Pleistocene there was no beer

If we were to clone up some Neanderthals, they would almost certainly have a strong tendency to become alcoholics.  Teetotalers or drunks.

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ΔF508 is a Yamnaya mutation

Probably.  Look at the distribution – it’s in India & Pakistan, too.   While 35delG  deafness is probably an EEF thing.    

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GWAS for horsies

If we do the proper genetic studies on horses, lots of them ( > 10^6) we will eventually be able to find variants that predict how large or how fast individual horses are, and ( dare I say it) we … Continue reading

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19th Century History

Someone should develop a course based entirely on the Flashman novels.

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Brooklyn Project

In your opinion, what technical efforts A. would have world-shaking consequences and B. are clearly feasible?

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