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DARC matters

DARC (Duffy antigen receptor for chemokines) is a receptor expressed on red cells, key in the infection of those cells by vivax malaria. A version of the gene that eliminates expression of this receptor on red cells (and prevents vivax … Continue reading

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Ramble On

I’m raising money for another podcast with James Miller. I did one with him last year and had fun. Here’s the link. You can also send money via paypal, or bitcoins to 1Jv4cu1wETM5Xs9unjKbDbCrRF2mrjWXr5.

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I will probably be doing another podcast with James Miller soon. Suggestions are welcome. I’m considering reviewing more dreadful yet influential books and/or articles: readers have already suggested some, such as Jonathan Marks’ new book, and that article about twin … Continue reading

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Old T-Rex

I’ve just finished Testosterone Rex, by Cordelia Fine. In this book, she argues against the existence of innate psychological differences between the sexes. She does not want her readers to believe that men and women have different natures – apparently … Continue reading

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Situational Joke

An anthropologist was telling me about a legend – that once upon a time, there was a successful chimp-human hybrid. Back in the 1920s, at the Yerkes National Primate Center at Emory University. This might sound impossible, since the chromosomes … Continue reading

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I will read and review Cordelia Fine’s Testosterone Rex

But only if somebody pays me enough money.

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Never Mind

A bit ago I talked about a paper making the case for male-heavy gene flow when the Yamnaya founded the Battle Axe [Corded Ware] culture. Looks as if it was mistaken.

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Black Egyptians

There’s a a talk abstract out that mentions some moderately ancient DNA info from Egypt, from around 2000 to 3000 years ago. They [Johannes Krause et al] say “ancient Egyptians shared more Near Eastern ancestry than present-day Egyptians, who received … Continue reading

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how big was the edge?

One consideration in the question of what drove the Great Divergence [when Europe’s power and wealth came to greatly exceed that of the far East] is the extent to which Europe was already ahead in science, mathematics, and engineering. As … Continue reading

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Middlebury Talk

It should have been me, rather than Charles Murray, giving that talk at Middlebury. Because I would have enjoyed it.

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