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Let justice be done, though the heavens fall

If we had operated on that motto at the end of WWII, we would have executed a whole lot more Germans and Japanese than we did.    

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Gene genealogies vs population splits

Genes have genealogies, just as populations do. Usually, a gene’s  genealogy is the same as that of its species.  For example, turtles have their own versions of hemoglobin, and the common ancestor of those turtle hemoglobin genes is some ur-turtle  … Continue reading

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Gay genes

A recent paper discussed the results of a GWAS study of same -sex behavior, based on data from the UK Biobank. The data wasn’t ideal – it was based on self-reporting, and asked whether the respondent had ever had a … Continue reading

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Non-replicating lawyers

If the replication crisis ever rears its head in the courtroom, there will be hell to pay.  Many kinds of routinely used evidence and  testimony are utter trash.

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Wheel in the Sky

I noticed some idiot claiming that, in 1700, China and India were ” more  sophisticated scientifically than europe”.  Nonsense, of course. Hellenistic science was more advanced than that of India and China in 1700 ! Although it makes me wonder … Continue reading

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