I’d just like to thank those who helped support this blog by donations, or by buying T-shirts.  As for those regular readers who didn’t, well…



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10 Responses to Thanks!

  1. WatchinIt says:

    Where are the t-shirts???

  2. ziel says:

    Whoa. Reminds me of Acts 5. I guess I better dig down…

  3. feministx says:

    If you design a prettier shirt, I might buy it.

  4. Jim says:

    The check is in the mail

  5. dave chamberlin says:

    And thank you. We all know that writing a blog is a pretty thankless biz. May the two of you write five more books as good as “The 10,000 Year Explosion.” I cannot believe how effective scientific censorship is. There isn’t anyone telling anyone to shut up you can’t say that. But real scientific progress takes grant money and a team of experts working for years. Anyone who thinks they can get grant money to prove human evolution is ongoing had better learn Mandarin. But things are changing S-L-O-W-L-Y and the two of you are doing some good work to help that along.

  6. Scharlach says:

    Do you have any smalls or mediums for the t-shirts?

  7. not_my_subject says:

    How about one with Cochran’s head and a text of “I manifest truth, you don’t” type of T-shirt?

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