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The Lost World

A while ago I mentioned that there might be unrecognized survivors of South America’s local placental lineages (Meridiungulata and Xenarthra). Unrecognized because very divergent, like golden moles, which are Afrotheria. Shoot, maybe even metatherians or some relative of necrolestes. But … Continue reading

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Alte Kockers

For a long time we have known that longevity tends to increase with IQ. Obviously this was because smarter people paid more attention to medical advice – (“More Doctors Smoke Camels”, put your baby on its stomach). But maybe not. … Continue reading

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Interview: Cabbages and Kings

Part 1 of my new interview with James Miller is now up.

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Secondary response

After you’ve been exposed to a pathogen, antigen specific memory B Cells persist. If the pathogen reappears, they quickly pump out antibodies against that pathogen. I have the impression that, when this happens, you can feel bushed. I’m not sure … Continue reading

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