Bake Sale

You can now make tax-deductible contributions to the blog, and you really should.  Here are two ways:

1.  Mail a check, made out to West Hunter Incorporated.  Send it to

Gregory Cochran

6708 Loftus Ave, NE

Albuquerque, New Mexico 87109

You can make non-deductible  donations to Paypal (use the site button).  If you send a significant  amount through PayPal and want deductibilty, it can arranged, which would include a receipt.

If another donation method would be convenient for you, write me at and we’ll work it out.  This also applies to unconventional donations, such as doubloons, triploons, copies of The Ocean or On Sphere-Making, The Concert, a breeding pair of passenger pigeons, etc.

P.S. my Bitcoin address is  1Jv4cu1wETM5Xs9unjKbDbCrRF2mrjWXr5. Pronounced “mxyzptlk”

P.P.S. You can send money to me from a credit card (non-deductible) via Google Wallet to my gmail address (

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55 Responses to Bake Sale

  1. MawBTS says:

    doubloons, triploons

    Huh. How come I never recognise the “two” in words until it becomes “three”? (this also happened with biscuits vs triscuits).

  2. Toad says:

    “bite” & “trite”

  3. athEIst says:

    I can send you some quadroons.

  4. The fourth doorman of the apocalypse says:

    If you are gcochran9 does it mean there are another 8 G Cochrans out there?

  5. The fourth doorman of the apocalypse says:

    Some people are starting to realize that if you change the environment too quickly some groups cannot keep up:

  6. Rudolf Winestock says:

    Don’t forget those t-shirts of the American flag with the galaxy in the blue field and the caption “Manifest Destiny.” How well did those sell?

  7. Maciano says:

    What’s your Bitcoin address?

    I’ll send right away.

  8. Anonymous says:

    What is “The Ocean”?

  9. Anonymous says:

    I wish I had dobles de oro to give you. Reading this blog is well worth that price, but a long time ago since my country stopped minting those….

    So, It have to be a few Euros for now. But I promise Krugerrands if I ever get rich!

    • gcochran9 says:

      Introduce some other people to the blog, if you can.

      • NobodyExpectThe... says:

        I may very well be in the process of doing that already.

        I introduced a couple of friends to the “Brainwashed” norwegian tv program, from which I first conciously was aware of your work. (later I realized I have already read about yours and Mr Harpening research a few times on Sailer´s, without paying the due attention to names).

  10. The fourth doorman of the apocalypse says:

    P.S. my Bitpoin address is

    I would send another donation via Bitpoin if I could figure out what it is. Is it some sort of digital porn?

    I think I will stick to a credit card.

  11. dave chamberlin says:

    I’ll send a cash thank you. You are worth it. The check is in the mail and I won’t……never mind.

  12. The fourth doorman of the apocalypse says:

    I recently stumbled across this new site:

    Could have some interesting applications.

  13. jack says:

    Is that your home addr Cochran?

    Damn bro, now i feel bad. I’d assumed you were financially independent thanks to defense contracting work & being a genius or whatever.

    How long is your fundraiser continuing? I can probably throw an evolutionary biologist a four figure bone if you give me a till mid-Jan (a.k.a. bonus time).

    Happy belated Thanksgiving hombre.

    • gcochran9 says:

      January will do. Not broke, but kids are expensive.

    • dave chamberlin says:

      Greg has five kids hitting the college years. That has got to be a financial crusher. I know it crushed me and i only put two kids through college. I couldn’t give you much financial encouragement to keep this blog going because I’m living on a fixed income. It’s a good fight informing the public on suppressed unwanted truths and I can’t think of anybody that does it better than Greg.

  14. jack says:

    Did my comment go through?

  15. The fourth doorman of the apocalypse says:

    This guy clearly needs some help as well:

    Click to access dp3515.pdf

    The field of epigenetics surveyed in Rutter (2006) demonstrates how genetic expression is strongly influenced by environmental influences and that environmental effects on gene expression can be inherited.

  16. Frau Katze says:

    I did what I could. Paypal can be a pain. My credit card was hacked and I had to get a new one. It took me ages to change all my online payments. I even had to make an international phone call to The Times in the UK.

  17. The fourth doorman of the apocalypse says:

    I derive a lot of pleasure from reading the columns on this blog and the comments (generally) but of late I have started to wonder about certain questions, for example:

    Is it more important to know that the earth revolves around the sun (and not the other way around) or is it more important to know the effectiveness of Oral Rehydration Therapy?

    • Kate says:

      are your referring to my comment about lactose and gluten? 🙂

      • The fourth doorman of the apocalypse says:

        Which comment was that?

        • Kate says:

          I’m posting the abstract because it’s too difficult to paraphrase:

          “Various positively selected adaptations to new nutrients have been identified. Lactase persistence is among the best known, conferring the ability for drinking milk at post weaning age. An augmented number of amylase gene (AMY1) copies, giving rise to higher salivary amylase activity, has been implicated in the consumption of starch-rich foods. Higher AMY1 copy numbers have been demonstrated in populations with recent histories of starchy-rich diets. It is however questionable whether the resulting polymorphisms have exerted positive selection only by providing easily available sources of macro and micronutrients. Humans have explored new environments more than any other animal. Novel environments challenge the host, but especially its immune system with new climatic conditions, food and especially pathogens. With the advent of the agricultural revolution and the concurrent domestication of cattle came new pathogens. We contend that specific new food ingredients (e.g., gluten) and novel pathogens drove selection for lactase persistence and higher AMY gene copy numbers. Both adaptations provide ample glucose for activating the sodium glucose-dependent co-transporter 1 (SGLT1), which is the principal glucose, sodium and water transporter in the gastro-intestinal tract. Their rapid uptake confers protection against potentially lethal dehydration, hyponatremia and ultimately multiple organ failure. Oral rehydration therapy aims at SGLT1 activity and is the current treatment of choice for chronic diarrhoea and vomiting. We hypothesize that lifelong lactase activity and rapid starch digestion should be looked at as the evolutionary covalent of oral rehydration therapy.”

  18. jackstrocchi says:

    I put another $25.00 USD into the WH kitty, unfortunately the AUD-USD forex is on an adverse trend. I enjoyed the advantageous trend while it lasted. That makes $75.00 of my annual $199.00 commitment.

    I will put a bonus $25.00 into the pot if one of the West Hunters is willing to put up a spiteful and deadly take-down of John Horgans attempt to rehabilitate the moral reputation of chimpanzees by portraying them as Noble Savages tragically corrupted by the intervention of the White Male power structure. Chimps are savage viscous beasts that will tear your face off if given half the chance. Every school boy knows that.

    But I would like a comprehensive scientific annihilation of the Noble Savage delusion. C’mon guys, you want to do it anyway!

  19. HK says:

    $20 from Munich sent :-). Cheers, HK

  20. Rokus01 says:

    I bet you wouldn’t get a coin if you weren’t such a Kurganist! My god, Corded Ware that got their blond hair from Yamnaya. Please read Mallory himself, these are really two different cultures.

    • gcochran9 says:

      The genetics is in: Corded Ware has mostly Yamnaya ancestry

      • Rokus says:

        As far it goes this still isn’t anything more but an assumption. Now it seems even genetics isn’t immune to circular reasoning.
        First it should be established that Yamnaya didn’t receive its genes from somewhere else (it certainly received central European input), and second it should be established that Yamnaya genes were actually ancestral to Corded Ware. It requires a certain blindness to deny that North-Western European R1a split off before the great ‘Indo-European’ Asian Z93 – European Z282 divide. In Underhill et al. (2014) half of the presented R1a-M417* (previously considered SRY10831.2) haplotypes were found in the Northsea region, still a hotbed of L664. We don’t know the subclade of Eulau R1a (SRY10831.2 for now), but probably it was high up in the tree and not necessarily L664: I can find plenty of similar haplotypes to Eulau in all major M417+ subclades, at least for dys439=10 and dys385a=11 that are most typical also for most of the 10 presented R1a-M417* in Underhill’s table S3. This suggests the Eulau profile rather presents an ancestral pattern.
        Indeed, North-West European ‘Corded Ware’ blurs into more general Beaker cultures, going back to Swifterbant and TRB whose megaliths themselves were continuous also to certain local cultures that elsewhere would qualify as either Bell Beaker or Corded Ware, thus making the current ‘Corded Ware’ definition rather a quite arbitrary Central European affair.
        Then, further east including Yamnaya territories, there is an enormous Indo-European R1a-hole: so far we only have Mal’ta (too old and different) while all Underhill’s “Iranian” M420* and SRY10831.2* where actually Azeris.
        Still, it would be interesting to find the first blond Yamnaya! However, a real Kurganist wouldn’t bother to predict anything, since this hypothesis happens to be hopelessly unscientific.

        • gcochran9 says:

          There is a genetic component, ANE, that did not exist in the mesolithic hunters of Europe (except to a minor degree in Scandinavia). It did not exist in the neolithic farmers of Europe, who are very much like modern Sardinians. But now it is a significant ancestry component for Northern Europe, and is found to some extent in most of southern Europe (except for parts of Sardinia). It’s also found, at a higher percentage, in Amerindians

          The Yamnaya have it, and so does the people of the Corded Ware: earlier, it wasn’t there.

          Genes for blondness haven’t been found in the Mesolithic hunters or in the EEF farmers (nor are they there in Sardinians today). Which leaves one possible source.

          • Rokus says:

            ANE was likely present in Russia, where this component still reaches peak values. Here, it may have been associated with blondness. Indeed, a strong presence of blondness can still be perceived in NE Europe, even in remote ‘Corded Ware’ places that were later overrun by non-Indo Europeans. Marriage patterns within the expanse of a single cultural horizon, as they often evolve, tend to homogenize genetic components within cultural boundaries, For Corded Ware this process must have been effective for over a thousand years. For this we don’t need Yamnaya, all the contrary: the cultural exchange between Yamnaya and Russia was low and should predict a lack of genetic ties. Unfortunately, we still miss representative early Yamnaya samples. We might as well be dealing here with a mixed population that is largely extinct. At least, there is nothing here to design a genetic homeland when starting from a clean slate.

          • Rokus01 says:

            There is some genetic info out on Yamnaya samples and Sredny Stog: on mtDNA and color. Unfortunately, older samples for blondness, blue eyes, white skin, mtDNA T1/T2 etc. etc. can all be found in Central and Western Europe (If one homozygous TYR individual would indeed count as blond at all). I didn’t read about ANE yet, Patterson 2015? You would have to explain how Ukraine lost its ANE maximum when everywhere else ANE went up. Probably Europe got its ANE rather from NE Europe? Here, Pit-Comb cultures that can be deduced to have been high in ANE cultures (and blond??) where incorporated in the Corded Ware horizon. Always ‘funny’ such over-reliance in Yamnaya: there is really nothing at all in Yamnaya territory to design a genetic homeland. Rapist horse riders are out of fashion nowadays anyway. Let’s find again something new! Why Yamnaya Didn’t Contribute to Corded Ware – On Circularity and Perpetuated Talks.

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