Cockles, and Mussels

Looking further at that  article about a transmissible cancer in clams, it appears that cell line infections are common in bivalves – oysters, cockles, mussels – without being recognized as such until now.  Could be true in other filter-feeders – sponges, brachiopods, etc. Gills might also be a transmission mechanism- so cell line infections may be a general problem for oceanic organisms.

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2 Responses to Cockles, and Mussels

  1. Patrick Boyle says:

    Wouldn’t then the blue whale be most vulnerable?

    • gcochran9 says:

      It was probably inevitable that someone would make this suggestion, but it didn’t have to be you.

      Anyhow, blue whales are probably not much subject to this kind of thing, since they have MHC.

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