An Invitation

I’ve somehow ended up on a mailing list used by scientific journals, so now I keep getting emails suggesting that I send in an article.  It can sound pretty intriguing: for example,  I got this:

An invitation to submit to Molecular Neurodegeneration



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12 Responses to An Invitation

  1. Cattle Guard says:

    Is that how scientists say “hey, I’m throwing a party, wanna get totally blasted?”

  2. Weltanschauung says:

    An invitation to submit to Critical Inquiry

    An invitation to submit to Christianity Today

  3. Sandgroper says:

    I submit to nagging by my wife because I understand why she does it, but I’m damned if I’ll submit to any more neurodegeneration than I’m already getting.

  4. doombuggy says:

    The blogs and message boards on the internet should be a rich source for neurodegeneration study…

  5. Hesse Kassel says:

    Neurodegeneration. Sounds like rotting sushi.

  6. (around 2:50)
    Reverend Jim in Taxi: Mental illness or narcotic addiction? “That’s a tough choice.”

  7. Sean II says:

    Tell them if they can get their impact factor up to 5.4 even, you’re in.

  8. Jacobite says:

    Perhaps they have noticed a Flowers For Algernon change in your articles and would like you to write it up a subjective précis of the effect while you still can.

  9. Flemur says:

    I submitted to molecular neurodegeneration and all I got was this crummy….what was it?

  10. We all submit to molecular neurodegeneration. I would very much like to stop submitting to molecular neurodegeneration.

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