Ebook available – West Hunter, by Gregory Cochran and Henry Harpending

A ebook version of the first year and a half of this blog is now available on Amazon.

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8 Responses to Ebook available – West Hunter, by Gregory Cochran and Henry Harpending

  1. add your name it in for search engine optimization 🙂

  2. the title of the post i mean

  3. Wormwood Douchnozzle says:

    I hope you fixed the typos…

  4. Portlander says:

    Nice. I assume there is some sort of software tool that allowed you to do this automatically? I’ve thought of making such a beast myself. Or was it done by a third party for a cut of the gross? I’ve thought of that as a nice little side-biz… a vanity e-press for bloggers. 🙂

    Also, does the ebook include the comments?

    • gcochran says:

      It was not that difficult. It does not include the comments, but if there was enough interest, there could be an extended version that does include comments. It would take some editing, though, since I would feel compelled to remove anything that was psychotic or unusually stupid. Quite a bit of editing, really, because a version that included comments would be a monster. The comment-free version is 66,000 words: with comments, it would be as big as all outdoors. Hundreds of thousands of words.

  5. Portlander says:

    Might also mention the precise dates the compilation covers in the Book Description. Or have you considered that? I could see it cutting both ways as its effect on sales.

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