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Draft of paper about Amish

Mike Weight and I have a draft of a manuscript about responses to personality tests by Amish and non-Amish young men from the same county in Indiana. We have mentioned this material before on the blog. The paper is getting … Continue reading

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Assortive mating and income inequality

More than in the past, we have doctors marrying other doctors,  rather than nurses, basically because of an increase in assortative mating for education. Ceteris paribus, this would tend to cause greater income equality among families. Is it the main … Continue reading


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Inferring an AQ

Back in December Greg and I posted a draft of a paper on assortative mating, class, and caste. We asked for input and we got a lot, for which we are grateful. In that manuscript we described a thought experiment … Continue reading

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Raking a Table

Thinking about preparing for a course this Fall, I had a look at the current literature on assortative mating and found a pair of excellent papers on assortment by education [1,2]. Using census data they generated tables by decade from … Continue reading

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