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Hive Mind

Garrett Jones has a new book out: Hive Mind. He argues that “while individual IQ scores predict our independent success moderately well, a country’s average score is a remarkable bellwether of its general prosperity.” Makes sense. I might even call … Continue reading

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A Troublesome Inheritance

Nicholas Wade has a new book out, on the reality of human biological differences.   Not just differences in color, but differences in traits that have social consequences, such as personality and cognition. The existence of such differences is obvious … Continue reading

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The Masters of the Future

In Guns, Germs, and Steel, Jared Diamond argues that all human groups have equal mental capabilities – except for the inhabitants of New Guinea, who are clearly smarter than the human norm. If this is the case, there’s money to … Continue reading

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By-blows, paternal age, and all that.

Once upon a time, people often said that ~10% of children had a biological father other than their nominal father, usually called false paternity or nonpaternity. This notion was particularly common in sociobiological circles. There were others who thought the … Continue reading

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The Golden Age

In two recent paper,  Gerald Crabtree says two correct things.  He says that the brain is complex, depends on the correct functioning of many genes, and is thus particularly vulnerable to genetic load.  Although he doesn’t use the phrase “genetic … Continue reading

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