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Who We Are: #9 Europe

To a good approximation, Europeans are descended from three populations: mesolithic hunter-gatherers, Anatolian farmers ( EEF) and Yamnaya pastoralists. When this story begins, about ten thousand years ago, Europe was occupied by hunter-gatherers – foragers with sophisticated flint tools ( … Continue reading

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Who We Are: #8 India

Genetic analysis indicates that the vast majority of people in India today are descended from two populations that Reich dubbed Ancient North Indians (ANI) and Ancient South Indians (ASI). Different populations have different mixes of ancestry from ANI and ASI, … Continue reading

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“Who We Are: #7 Africa.

The African story is complicated, and getting steadily more so. But some of the big picture – involving relatively recent events – is fairly simple. The biggest African language family is Niger-Kordofanian, which was probably spoken by most people in … Continue reading

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“Who We Are: #6 The Americas

In the Pre-Columbian settling of the Americas, there were early layers and late layers. Let’s talk first about the early layers. Some of this is from archaeology, some from genetics (including ancient genetics), a little from linguistics. The Reich lab … Continue reading

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Who We Are: #4 Denisovans

In Chapter 3, Reich talks about the discovery of the Denisovans, a sister archaic group to the Neanderthals that lived in eastern Asia. It all started out with a pinky bone found in a cave in southern Siberia. The DNA … Continue reading

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“Who We Are: #3 Neanderthals

In Chapter 2, Encounters With Neanderthals, David Reich talks about his work in analyzing the first successfully sequenced Neanderthal genomes, and the discoveries that led to. Reich’s team, with Nick Patterson making an especially important contribution, found that Neanderthals were … Continue reading

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Who We Are: #2 Purity of Essence

I’ve talked about this a bit before, but this point comes up repeatedly in Reich’s book, and it needs to be made clear. Again and again he says that races aren’t ‘pure’ – and he’s right. They’re the product of … Continue reading

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Who We Are: #1

Reich’s book, Who We Are and How We Got Here, is really two books. The first is an exposition of his excellent work using ancient DNA to understand prehistory. The second is about the impact of advances in genetics on … Continue reading

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Live Not By Lies

The Genomics of Race and Identity Reich starts out strong, telling the story of his work on identifying African-origin alleles that drive increased prostate cancer risk in African-Americans – and the dumbshit responses he got from his colleagues. He mentions … Continue reading

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