GWAS of coronavirus victims

Could be informative. In a couple of ways: might tell you something about mechanism, might help you see who was most and least vulnerable.

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20 Responses to GWAS of coronavirus victims

  1. Don Tortellini says:

    According to the average age of patients dying of covid-19 in Italy is 81 years with most of these patients suffering also from other severe illnesses (cancer, diabetes and other).

  2. An interesting article on ACE2 gene expression of Asian populations:

  3. Mycroft Jones says:

    Excuse me, what is GWAS? Guessing the G stands for genetic or genomic, lost after that.

  4. swampr says:

    Shocking asymptotic plot of Italian ICU admissions. They’re getting into the Wuhan style explosion phase.

  5. 415 reasons says:

    Well let’s see if n=~3 billion I think it will be well powered. I call not it for collecting the samples, though.

  6. Tim Burr says:

    As of now – March 10, 2020 – there are only 47 cases in all India. And no deaths so far. Anyone know why they would be spared? Italy alone has over 9,000 cases. Iran has almost as many. Europe overall has at least 15,000 cases.

    • gothamette says:

      Because they’re not testing.

      Do you really think that if it spread in a huge slum, anyone would know?

      • Tim Burr says:

        That’s a suspicion. But Iran is reporting over 7,000 cases. I would have thought they had a similar problem with poverty, although they are richer per capita. I’m just wondering if there has been limited contact between India and China. And Russia (also reporting low) and China.

    • jb says:

      I’ve seen it suggested that India and Africa are never going to get hit hard, because of their hot climates, which means they have no “cold and flu season.”

      Does the flu get around much in either place? The flu has been with us for a while now, so this feels like something that ought to be known.

    • Frau Katze says:

      Russia isn’t reporting many cases either. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist, of course. I know the border with China is closed (in normal times, they get Chinese tourists).

      But in general Russia isn’t a tourist hot spot.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Is this your way of saying there might be something to ACE2 theory, or just that you think it would be good to understand? How hard would GWAS like this be?

  8. Unladen Swallow says:

    It looks as if South Korea has a much lower fatality rate than other countries that were hit early. Singapore looks like zero deaths, despite 160 infections, did the type of quarantine measures that China put in belatedly get instituted immediately in those countries.

  9. I want a GWAS for how much people spent prepping for coronavirus. 23andMe would be able to do this really easily but they would probably need to implement it quickly before people’s memories fade. Would be interesting to see what other traits are correlated to this. But I agree that a GWAS for recovery/survival would be very useful: it would probably improve our understanding of the immune system long term as well.

  10. dearieme says:

    “prepping for coronavirus” We’ve hardly needed to. We stocked up at the time of the Northern Rock bank going bust in 2007, making it obvious (at least to me) that there would be a financial crisis with, presumably, disruption of supply chains.

    I had no idea that governments and Central Banks would hose cash at the problem such that my “presumably” proved wrong. But I did wonder whether another crisis would come along by and by. Eventually we ate the beans but kept half the bog rolls.

  11. GlennDC says:

    Hi, you and Briggs need to talk. Interesting things might happen. Or not…

  12. Tyler Durpen says:

    “Mr Li said the most frightening thing he witnessed was the death of a young family of four in the room just next door.”

  13. Tyler Durpen says:

    “The matriarch of the large New Jersey family died Wednesday night without ever knowing that her two oldest children had died before her.”

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