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The Casting Couch

I know of a few cases in which people have publicly supported the idea that humans are bosons while personally thinking otherwise. This can mean signing Graham Coop’s  letter against Nicholas Wade [ misplaced: such  letters are traditionally sent to  … Continue reading

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Are Samoans Big?

More to the point, are they inherently big?  Genetically big? We used to know that Samoans were big. But today it is possible, in principle  to develop a more detailed, genetical, causal explanation of Samoan bigness – although we haven’t … Continue reading

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PRS and Paleoafricans

PRS scores for various traits, determined in Europeans, don’t work well for sub-Saharan Africans, due to big differences in population history.  That can in principle be fixed by doing GWAS studies among Africans.  But PRS scores determined in either Eurasians … Continue reading

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The XYZ affair

Just as there’s a non-genetic X factor that explains why blacks test worse than whites, there’s a non-genetic Y factor that explains higher Ashkenazi performance. And in the same way, there’s a non-genetic Z factor that explains why Chinese score … Continue reading

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