It’s that time again, time to contribute. You can send funds via Paypal, or by check. If you want deductibility, or have something complicated in mind, write to me at  I’ll be reviewing books, talking about this and that, abusing reporters, and working on a weird startup ( details to follow).  Consulting work on algorithm development, GPU programming, miscellaneous software, and estimating your date’s breeding value is welcome.

You can also send bitcoins, to 1Jv4cu1wETM5Xs9unjKbDbCrRF2mrjWXr5 .




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26 Responses to Fundraiser

  1. JRM says:

    Do looks correlate with PRS score?

    • m___ says:

      PRS score and looks are related, define “looks”, symmetry in traits, limb and bone, homogeneous composits, fair (as in healthy over all of the body), and on, certainly must do. Since all of these affect efficiency, natural hability, health.

  2. Nayfil says:

    Mr. West Hunter, long time reader here. Some of your posts are cryptic and esoteric (like the last post before this one). Would you be able to occasionally post in a educational format, to unpack some of the concept for people outside of the “field”? I would pay for that before the book reviews.

    • Rosenmops says:

      But it makes it more challenging when he only gives hints. Sort of a game.

      • Nayfil says:

        I understand but if you miss basic and non basic concepts in genetics it’s even before it becomes challenging. Is this blog just for people who have this knowledge?

        • Nayfil says:

          PS deliberately posted under fundraiser implying the exchange of goods.

        • sterling sorbet says:

          Don’t be hesitant to ask others. I do on occasion ask for assistance in understanding some terms or concepts and there’s usually someone who will answer your questions.

  3. Lior says:

    ” estimating your date’s breeding value”
    How about estimating my own breeding value to impress my dates?

  4. Phille says:

    Is this startup IQ related?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Could anybody recommend some good anthropology books? Without all the nonsense that apparently pervades the field.

  6. adreadline says:

    Look at those bright blue eyes, that bald dome. Don’t you just feel like contributing just because of them? Who minds some vague upcoming startup thing, I’m all in!

  7. Maciano says:


  8. BlackFlag says:

    Sent 0.1 BTC.
    Would love to see a talk between you and neuroscientist JF Gariepy about race, gay germ theory, academia, whatever

    • Frau Katze says:

      Gariepy is a race realist but I fear he’s a crackpot too. What was the deal with that autistic woman?

      I watched him a few times on Youtube but there was something strange about him.

      • BlackFlag says:

        Do you disagree with this theory of the revolutionary phenotype?
        Haven’t had an expert confront it yet. GC would be perfect.

  9. Frau Katze says:

    Done, although it won’t be under this pseudonym of course.

  10. The G_Man says:

    I’d pay for a review of David Stove’s ‘Darwinian Fairytales’/

  11. Revyen says:

    Why don’t you start a Patreon(or an alternative)?
    Put out a regular monthly newsletter with your thoughts on things, maybe an article and/or review on a subject, Q&A.
    -If you wanted to you could have a monthly interview. Perhaps use James Miller’s platform for it.
    -Another source could be going on super chats on Youtube and splitting the revenue. Think you would probably be an interesting guest for quite a few Youtubers.

    • Frau Katze says:

      I would suggest caution about Youtube. It creates far more publicity than print blogging and such publicity will be guaranteed to be bad.

      Keep in mind that Sargon of Akkad, an early purge by Patreon, is nowhere near as controversial as Greg. Sargon does not believe in race differences but merely wants the UK out of the EU and objects to the virulently crazed left.

      Youtube is a toxic place.

      Re: Patreon. It’s looking more and more like the entire banking business is virulently politically correct. Even Coinbase, a dealer in cryptocurrency, is joining the crowd and terminated Andrew Torba, who founded Gab.

    • Frau Katze says:

      Big Brother turns out to be the Silicon Valley corporations and the banking business.

      • Revyen says:

        All true and I considered that as well. Nonetheless, I think he might be able to keep under the radar as long as he doesn’t get too popular. Sargon was too known.

        The key for any alt intellectual though is to get the e-mails of the people who support him. I believe you can get that with Patreon right?
        A good e-mail list is invaluable.

  12. Jim says:

    Will you ever write another book?

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