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A Private Cosmos

There are false things that most believe, and other false things that many people believe.  One less-examined category are false things believed by, say just one guy.  The things I’m thinking about aren’t ones that readily fall into classic categories … Continue reading

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Secret sauce

All my kids have now graduated from the local high school. I wondered  how many of the teachers realized what they were dealing with. Talking with my boys, it seems that two did, while most were sure that the rents … Continue reading

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Economists and Merkel’s migrants

Someone polled a number of prominent economists whether the influx of refugees into Germany beginning in 2015 will generate net economic benefits for German citizens over the succeeding decade. About  half said yes, a little less than than half were … Continue reading

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Japanese strategists

In World War II.  It’s not clear that there actually were any. This isn’t always mentioned in histories, but a lot of what Japan did in the Pacific made no sense at all. For example, the Japanese occupied lots of … Continue reading

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Hollywood physics

In real life,  gasoline-powered cars don’t often explode. But in the movies. cars are always exploding. Although I’m still waiting for the scene in which three cars simultaneously fly off cliffs and collide in mid-air.  And explode. In real life, … Continue reading

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