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Turkheimer speaks!

Time to respond to Eric Turkheimer’s  post. In my review of Carl Zimmer’s book, I said that the existing fixation index values between continental races are compatible with very significant physical and behavioral differences between those races, because wolves and … Continue reading

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Lossless Compression

In my review, I complained a bit about Zimmer being prolix. Here is an example.  In Chapter 4, “Atta Girl” , if you strip out the human-interest anecdotes, he’s saying “Mendelian diseases exist and can be serious. They’re usually recessive.  … Continue reading

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Review of “She has Her Mother’s Laugh”

Now up in Quillette. The cartoon didn’t make it, but here it is.   (Art by Bryan Johnson, caption by Russel T. Warne, Copyright: Russel T. Warne, 2017)   Also editors edit. Final version: “there would be a huge difference … Continue reading

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