Occam’s Butterknife

” Picture this nursery school scene: 10 1-year-olds are squeezed next to one another on a bench, their backs against a wall. They sit motionless. None cry, push or shove.

A woman attendant takes a small windup toy chicken out of a box, turns the key and lets it strut across the floor past the infants’ feet. Again, none of the children move or try to grab the toy, as their American counterparts surely would. They simply follow it with their eyes.

Finally, one boy cannot resist. He toddles over and pounces on the chicken. The attendant gently picks him up and deposits him back on the bench.

The episode took place one recent morning in the neat gray brick nursery school and kindergarten run by the Peking Printing and Dyeing factory for 270 children of its workers. But it is similar to scenes acted out in tens of thousands of preschool classes all across China. Visitors Are Impressed

American visitors to China are continually impressed, indeed often amazed, by the almost universal good behavior of Chinese children. They are quiet, obedient, quick to follow their teachers’ instructions, and they seldom exhibit the boisterous aggressiveness or selfishness of American children.”

In the New York Times, by Fox Butterfield himself, who must be the avatar of some totally clueless god.

I mean, really: quiet one-year-olds???

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  1. Jim says:

    You’ve seen this about different newborn behavior, right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAAbDzJhoD8

  2. Control over famines and floods gave Chinese governments control over their subjects Western governments have not had. Chinese governments have always been authoritarian. They have been able to reward deference and punish insubordination.

    In the West people have often had to fight survival. In China it has usually been a better policy to ask permission.

    This is the reason why Chinese and their descendants throughout the world have lower crime rates than whites and Negroes.

    • gcochran9 says:

      Ever heard of “nine familial exterminations“? to the “third degree”?

      • I think I read that the family of a dissident is punished in North Korea.

        • Jim says:

          Yes but that isn’t unique to NE Asian societies. It was routine under Stalin. After Marshall Tukhachevsky was shot on the absurd charge of being a German spy his wife and two brothers were also shot. His three sisters and daughter were sent to the Gulag.

          But North Korea does take this principle beyond even Stalin’s practices.

          • Frau Katze says:

            Stalin was from Georgia in the Caucasus, still in clan mode. He definitely thought the immediate family had to go if one member displeased him. Possibly beyond the immediate family, especially if they were from clan areas like the Caucasus.

            Sometimes a family member would do the prison time and return but found themselves tainted by the whole thing.

            The entire group of Chechens (several hundred thousand) were dispatched to the deserts of Kazakhstan during WW II. No figures on how many did not survive. They were accused of helping the Germans, and no doubt a few were. Hitler had given orders to use Islam as a divisive tool whenever the opportunity arose. They didn’t return to Chechnya until Khrushchev took over.

    • gda says:

      This is also the reason China will never exceed the US in technological advancements and/or discoveries.

      Because that 1-yr old’s curiosity has been curtailed for 4,000 years.

      Of course, that’s not to say they won’t continue stealing it all from us. Or worse – us from stupidly giving it all to them.

      • Jethro Cao says:

        The US won’t be hard to exceed once it becomes Brazil 2.0

      • Jim says:

        Technological innovations probably can’t be kept secret for very long so NE Asian societies will likely to be quickly able to adopt Western technological innovations. Thus a greater ability of Westerners to generate technological innovations if that is the case may not be such a big advantage.

        In recent centuries there was a great acceleration of the rate of technological innovation mostly originating in Europe. During much of that time NE Asian societies knew little of the technological advances occurring in the West. By the beginning of the 19th century NE Asian societies had fallen well behind the West. I doubt that any scenario like that will occur in the future. This is particularly likely if technological innovation is slower in the future because of the “low-hanging fruit” syndrome.

        The transistor was developed by American scientists but the Japanese were quickly able to exploit it. Americans were the first to succeed in aerial flight but at the start of WW II the Japanese Zero was superior to any US fighter plane.

        • gcochran9 says:

          “Technological innovations probably can’t be kept secret for very long”

          I’m not so sure about that.

          • dearieme says:

            Hush! Don’t let the cat out of the bag.

          • IC says:

            Prohibition and war on drugs are good historical lessons for government control. Good luck with secret!

            Human are willing to do anything for profit. If the secret worth a lot of money, the secret always end up with highest bidder.

            ” With adequate profit, capital is very bold. A certain 10 per cent. will ensure its employment anywhere; 20 per cent. certain will produce eagerness; 50 per cent., positive audacity; 100 per cent. will make it ready to trample on all human laws; 300 per cent., and there is not a crime at which it will scruple, nor a risk it will not run, even to the chance of its owner being hanged.” -Karl Marx

            Adam Smith said something similar.

            • Smithie says:

              I always think of Feyman opening the safes at los Alamos. Also, the hole in the chain-link fence he described there.

        • Cloveoil says:

          For most of history China was in front of the west: them catching up and pushing in front again after WW2 is just a return to normal. When you think how science really progresses by plodding methods, perfectionist Asian thought must be better predisposed to it.

    • Bob says:

      Don’t American Indian babies exhibit similar behavioral response, despite not evolving under state societies?

      • KK says:


        Likewise the gaokao (imperial exams) as an explanation for any Chinese characteristic is highly suspect. Only a fraction of civil servants were recruited that way. Most were not. The alternative explanation is of course just the generic long and grinding process of agricultural civilization.

        • gcochran9 says:

          Since Japan, Korea, and China have similar scores, it likely goes way back.

        • Bob says:

          What about similarities with American Indians, who didn’t have a long period of agricultural civilization but have been long noted for a taciturn, passive disposition and whose babies exhibit similar behavior? Presumably these traits evolved before agricultural civilization among their common ancestors.

          • Stereotype threat. Or maybe they learned it from Tom Mix movies.

          • TWS says:

            Back before every tribe but the Northern Athabascan and the Navajo were mixed apparently you could keep a kid in a cradle board longer. My brother and I couldn’t stand to be carried for very long and my great, great grandmother used to call us her, ‘little cowboys’, meaning little white babies.

            I couldn’t understand a word she said, she never learned any English.

            • gcochran9 says:

              The Navajo are significantly mixed today. Perhaps not all of them.

              • TWS says:

                Yeah, you won’t see as many blondes and stuff but they’re not like they were. My Navajo friend had so little body hair he could have been a baby. I on the other hand look like Bigfoot’s hairy brother.

            • Return of Shawn says:

              As a substitute teacher, in grades k-12, I am constantly struck by the behavioral differences among various races. Asians are of course the quietest and easiest to manage.

      • Eugine Nier says:

        BTW, do you remember which American Indians? I vaguely remember that being Navajo, but what to check if we’re talking about Na-Dene (like Navajo) or Amerind.

        • Bob says:

          I don’t know which were in the experiment, but pretty much all the American Indians that were encountered were characterized as taciturn, phlegmatic, morose even. Eskimos were characterized the same way.

  3. Inductivist says:

    Damn, why didn’t my kids come out Chinese?!

  4. DK says:

    “Occam’s Butterknife” should not come up without a reference to Sailer.

  5. Anuseed says:

    I’m always impressed by the Japanese’ love of precision and cleanliness. It’s probably genetic. I wonder how early it starts showing itself?

  6. kamas716 says:

    Sounds like child abuse to me. But also an effective way to keep control of a billion serfs so they don’t start questioning things and think for themselves. After all, the best way to stop a revolution is to never let it start.

  7. Smithie says:

    When I was about 9, I had a classmate who lived on the same street inside my childhood home for a short time. She was not necessarily a bad person, but I was really shocked about how easily she put her hands on any object of interest. For instance, taking the lens cover off of a telescope without first asking if she could touch it.

    I have never witnessed the same behavior to the same degree. Though I have known others who behaved worse, I have never observed such pure impulsiveness.

    She was not Chinese.

    • crew says:

      The NYT has changed a lot since 1981.

      Of course, they didn’t think it was genetic back then either.

      • spottedtoad says:

        I like how they suggest it was due to sleeping in the same bed with the mom when the kid is small. Who knew that all you had to do is read Dr. Sears!

        • The Big Red Scary says:

          Heh. We’ve all slept in the same bed for years, and my kid is incredibly wilful. While exhausting, I think I’d be disappointed to have it any other way.

  8. crew says:

    Meanwhile we are told that 25% of the genome of cows and sheep is derived from jumping genes.


    Seems unlikely, but I dunno.

  9. Bob says:

    Carleton Coon wrote a book called Racial Adaptations in which he discusses racial differences in temperament and ascribes them to differences in hormones and the endocrine system. Coon also suggests that phosphorus intake via meat consumption affects behavior:


    [Testosterone] is an element in aggressiveness, territoriality, and hoarding. Blended with adrenaline and smoothed over with cool judgment, it has marked the history of the Caucasoids in many parts of the world. […]

    In 1922 Sir Arthur Keith pursued the former course, trying to match physical attributes and behaviors with known functions of different glands. He opined that the big-bones Neanderthals were hyperpituitary, as many northern Europeans are; that Mongoloids were hypothyroid, adapted to living with an iodine parsimony; and that Negroes, Australian aborigines, and Melanesians were hyperpituitary and hypoadrenal.

    Pygmies might thus be scored as hypopituitary and hyperthyroid, because of their adaptation to a lime-poor, iodine-rich soil. The living Bushmen could be called hypopituitary [. . .]

    Phosphorus is one of twenty-six atoms in the epinephrine (adrenaline) molecule, the others all being hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen, as in the other steroids. It is low in deserts and in tired agricultural soils that have not been manured or treated with phosphates. As it is linked to calcium in bone building, rice-eaters and maize-eaters who consume little or no meat suffer from its deficiency, both in growth and in the stimulus it gives the brain and muscles in moments of emergency, when epinephrine constricts blood vessels, dilates eye pupils, flushes faces, and rapidly feeds the appropriate sugars to the brain and muscles. In Nei and Roychoudhury’s study the acid phosphate content of Caucasoid codons was found to be significantly greater (p = 0.0001) than those of Negroids or Mongoloids. Hyperthyroid peoples, like some of the Caucasoids, respond faster to unpleasant stimuli than do hypothyroid peoples, who pause for a while, become nervous, and then react explosively. Those of us who have faced mobs of different races and have survived know this well.

    • Stephen says:

      There is no phosphorus in adrenaline.

    • Testosterone... Children? says:

      If you see a difference in children then, what, young White boys have higher testosterone than equal age Chinese ones? Or in little girls; high testosterone?

  10. swampr says:

    The article later notes that some parents found gov’t nurseries to be overly strict. Those raised at home were “more spoiled and livelier”.

    • Coagulopath says:

      There’s apparently a Chinese cultural phenomenon of “little emperors” – rude, poorly-behaved male children.

      • dearieme says:

        Contrast with American Little Princesses?

      • Smithie says:

        Some of it is definitely culture: Chinese tourists are infamous. Also, shoppers at a sale – this latter probably comes from the shortages that were endemic to Communism.

        I personally like the ability of Chinese to stare or remark upon foreigners. I honestly think that it is an endearing contrast to globalism.

        I imagine they will become like the Japanese soon though.

        • Frau Katze says:

          Hong Kong Chinese see “mainlanders” as a lower class. Why? They must pretty similar genetically. Apparently the cultural differences are quite large.

          • dux.ie says:

            They are influenced by the movies. Bad guys always speak Mandarin and the good guys speak Cantonese.


            “””When the sociolinguist Calvin Gidney saw The Lion King in theaters two decades ago, he was struck by the differences between Mufasa and Scar. The characters don’t have much in common: Mufasa is heroic and steadfast, while Scar is cynical and power-hungry. But what Gidney noticed most was how they each spoke: Mufasa has an American accent, while Scar, the lion of the dark side, roars in British English.”””

            • Frau Katze says:

              Quote “The most wicked foreign accent of all was British English, according to the study”

              Well that’s … interesting. German accents more likely go to comic characters.

              But I suspect the case of Hong Kong is more complex. They’re all living in a huge city, one that has the largest stock exchange in east Asia. The Brits didn’t run their coaling station as a democracy but they were reasonably non-super oppressive. I think Lee Kwan Yew of Singapore got ideas from the Brits. One of those ideas was capitalism.

              In fact I suspect that the Chinese leadership started to notice how well these “overseas Chinese” were doing. Quite remarkable for city states. Maybe capitalism was the way forward after all.

              A lot of mainland Chinese are from small towns or rural areas. Apparently they’re behaviour and manners can be kind of peasant-like.

      • OFWHAP says:

        “Little Emperors” comes from the one-child policy, in which the preferably male child is fawned over by his two grandparents and four grandparents. In some cases those grandparents only have that lone grandchild. Just as the U.S. has Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, the Chinese have Children’s Day.

  11. person says:

    Rest assured that in 2018 Chinese children are most certainly not well behaved.

  12. RCB says:

    I always find the idea of quite stark differences in racial behavior caused by genetics to be hard to believe. Or, rather, I have a low prior for that outcome. Not that it’s particularly implausible. It’s just that I tend to assume the differences are more like that in IQ: important differences, in some cases, but with substantial overlap. More variance within than between; easy to find reasonably smart people and dumb people in both groups. The idea that the vast majority of Chinese children would be naturally better behaved that the vast majority of white Americans (which seems to be suggested by this story: all one-year-olds are well behaved?) just seems too strong to me. Happy to be persuaded by data, of course.

    • David Chamberlin says:

      I like your skepticism and think it is partially warranted. For example you can spoil the hell out of a kid, like many of the Chinese little emperors mentioned above, and over ride whatever the differences are between groups. However newborn Chinese babies behave differently https://westhunt.wordpress.com/2013/03/16/dan-freedmans-babies/ that has to be genetic.

      • RCB says:

        Let me be clear: I have no problem with behavioral genetic differences between groups. It’s just that I usually suspect those differences will not be very stark, most of time. Substantial overlap – as in IQ, which is the best-studied example.

        So, European babies fuss more – but how much more? Is it not even close? Or is it the kind of difference that you need statists to really notice? Or in between?

        If there are personality differences between groups due to genetics (most likely so), again there appear to be large overlaps. And lots of cultural flexibility. For example, in my experience, East Asians who grow up in America tend to behave a lot like white Americans, for the most part. There may still be significant differences, but they’re not in-your-face obvious. At least not to me.

        • RCB says:

          “statistics”, not “statists”…

        • crew says:

          I guess it’s like the substantial overlap in upper body strength between males and females.

          • RCB says:

            Get that weak sauce out of here.
            1. races, not sexes
            2. psychological traits, not morphological
            I don’t know of any psychological trait that shows as strong an obvious genetic differentiation between races as that of upper body strength between males and females. Presumably it wouldn’t be hard to notice: “hey, virtually all people of race A behave like this, unlike virtually all of race B – even when they grow up around people of race B!” (As is often the case for morphological traits: white people never come out looking Asian or black, etc.) It could exist, and there’s no reason why it couldn’t evolve. But I haven’t noticed any yet. Maybe some more subtle behaviors are that way. Or maybe I’m a bad noticer.

    • Erik Sieven says:

      I think it is easier to speak about such differences without calling one behavior “better” than another. Like squirrels are more vivid than badges. That doesn’t mean one animal is “better” than the other. The just arrived at a different evolutional equilibrium.
      In the end what counts is date. Though I have to the say regarding this particular question (are East Asians more restricted / less aggressive than Non-East Asians) my impression -based on everyday behavior of both groups I have observed – would be a clear yes.

  13. syonredux says:

    Ron Unz is getting crazier and crazier. He;s now decided that James Bacque was correct about Eisenhower’s “Death Camps”:

    “While visiting France during 1986 in preparation for an unrelated book, a Canadian writer named James Bacque stumbled upon clues suggesting that one of the most terrible secrets of post-war Germany had long remained completely hidden, and he soon embarked upon extensive research into the subject, finally publishing Other Losses in 1989. Based upon very considerable evidence, including government records, personal interviews, and recorded eyewitness testimony, he argued that after the end of the war, the Americans had starved to death as many as a million German POWs, seemingly as a deliberate act of policy, a war crime that would surely rank among the greatest in history.”


    Any bets as to when he’ll go full Holocaust denial?

    • Dan_Kurt says:

      Try reading the book Other Losses before judging its content. The book gave me the chills when I stumbled on in Canada years ago. A similar chill hit me when I read Nikolai Tolstoy’s The Secret Betrayal (American title) or Victims of Yalta (British title). Both works have been treated horribly so far but both books are compelling.

      Dan Kurt

      • gcochran9 says:

        I know that history – “Other Losses”. It’s nonsense. We let enormous number of prisoners just walk home, especially the boys and old men of the Volkssturm. My uncle LLoyd saw it: his division let tens of thousands go.

        On the other hand. ” The Secret Betrayal “: did the Allies return Soviet citizens to Stalin? Yup. The Soviets treated POWs and slave laborers in that class harshly and unjustly. As for those that actually fought for the Germans – hiwis, Cossacks, the ROA – they were routinely executed. The Allies generally refused to ‘repatriate’ people from areas the Soviets had conquered after the beginning of WWII – mainly Poland and he Baltic countries.

        The two books differ in an especially significant way: “Other Losses” is a lie, “The Secret Betrayal” is substantially true.

        Look, I have books that make up new laws of thermodynamics, saying that it’s actually impossible to clean up your room [‘ Algeny’, by Jeremy Rifkin]. That argue that mankind originated in North America, or Antarctica. That Castro made all the Cubans rich. Blah Blah Blah. Any nut can write a book.

        • Frau Katze says:

          I had forgotten about returning POWs to Stalin. That was pretty bad.

        • gcochran9 says:

          “An additional group of 663,576 are listed as ‘other losses,’ consisting largely of members of the Volkssturm [ People’s Militia ] released without formal discharge.”

        • TWS says:

          I used to work for a guy who was a sixteen year old kid in WWII. He cheerfully admits he was grateful to surrender to the Brits. He was released by the Brits and later taken by the Russians anyway. So it all worked out.

      • syonredux says:

        “Try reading the book Other Losses before judging its content. The book gave me the chills when I stumbled on in Canada years ago.”

        It made me laugh; I find utter nonsense funny….

        • Randy says:

          6 million gassed Jews but no cyanide residue on the walls. You haven’t experienced modernity until you look into the Jewish Holocaust 4 or 5 books. It is a myth.

          • Highlander says:

            Look, nobody says 6 million Jews were gassed. The Einsatzgruppen and Wehrmacht regulars killed one million+++ mostly by machine gun fire and even Yad Vashem has only a total of 4 million unique names. Entire cities were burned to the ground and towns were literally wiped off the map along with all their pre-war population records. A million plus gypsies, at least that many Polish civilians, it all adds up to one of the worst bloodbaths in history. One shouldn’t quibble about a million here, a million there. It’s grotesque. Tens of millions of people (something like 3 or 4% of the world’s population) were deliberately killed by every and any possible means including intentional starvation between the Japanese invasion of China in 1937 and the terrible European winter of 1947. If the Jews want to round it to around 6 million of their own then let them.


      • Frau Katze says:

        Odd how the Allies treated the POWs in Europe, if they were so murderous. I’m excluding the USSR from that but not the rest.)

        The German forces were desperate to surrender to the Allies rather than the USSR. With good reason.

        I do not believe something of magnitude could have been kept secret.

        Unz always struck me as being kind of odd. Some of people publishing on his site are quite strange.

    • Coagulopath says:

      He’s attracting some rather rough trade in the comments.

      Oh Yawn.

      That’s exactly the kind of limited thinking that the “Holocau$t Industry” demands from you and those like you. You have become an unthinking, propagandized lemming.

      How about showing us the alleged millions of human remains that Jews claim still exist in known locations.

      How about telling us how the scientifically impossible ‘gas chambers’ worked.

      “Nazi-crimes” don’t even begin to compare with the vicious bloodshed of Allied – Soviet Union included.

      Even prominent Jews have arrogantly boasted, that the ‘concentration camps’ and the ‘killed’ German Jews perfectly served their purpose. 250.000 German Jews lived in Nazi-Germany, but the international Jewish community kept on increasing the number of ‘killed’ Jews in Germany up to 6 million.

      Everybody should pray for Ron Unz. He is telling, through his own articles and placing online books and articles by others, far, far to much truth about the voracious, self-righteous, hypocritical monster that is the Anglo-Zionist Empire.

      Everybody should pray for Ron Unz, indeed.

      • gcochran9 says:

        I have a therapy in mind that might help, but I can’t administer it. Well, two, and I suppose I could slap him upside the head.

      • Philip Neal says:

        Anglophobia may be a motive. Unz makes a big thing of the sinking in 1940 of the Vichy fleet (“disarmed and helplessly moored in port”), neglecting to mention that it was no secret at the time and that the Vichy naval commanders had previously been given the option of surrender.

    • gcochran9 says:

      What makes you think he’ll stop there? I’m pulling for Fomenko’s New Chronology.

      • syonredux says:

        “What makes you think he’ll stop there? I’m pulling for Fomenko’s New Chronology.”

        That would be fun….Although it would also be pretty entertaining to see Ron turn Apollo Denialist (“Kubrick faked the Moon landings!”)

        Or maybe he’ll revive Eisenschiml’s wacky ideas about the Lincoln assassination…..

        • Zenit says:

          No one cares about the moon landing, one way or another, and this is sad. I would like to live in a world where holocaust is forgotten, every city in the world have monuments, memorials and museums to Apollo project, and moon landing deniers are hunted worldwide like the vermin they are.

    • Rod1963 says:

      My father(now deceased) was a WWII veteran(3ID, 3rd cavalry recce – provisional ) who saw action in North Africa, Sicily and Southern Italy He also served in the occupation of Germany after the war in the Constabulary. He saw the occupation first hand and could attest to much of what Unz has written, plus a lot more. Oddly enough the Stars & Stripes for that era was never put on-line and there is a reason for it.

      Rations were so limited for the Germans after the war you could buy a woman with a candy bar. Quartering of American troops – especially officers and NCO’s in German homes was the norm.

      He told me stories of our side routinely killing German soldiers who surrendered. It was especially bad with front line units who didn’t want to be bothered to detail some men to escort them back to the rear.

      BTW this practice really got going with the Army Rangers in Tunisia where they butchered some 300 Italian soldiers who surrendered in cold blood during a raid. This was sanctioned by Army higher ups. At Anzio those Rangers got their comeuppance and got their butt kicked. The Italian military at the time demanded the Germans turn over the Ranger POW’s to be executed, but luckily the Germans didn’t. They should have. No one would have missed them.

      Rules of war weren’t really followed. At Monte Casino, allied commanders imported a contingent of Moroccan colonial troops who proceeded to rape and pillage the Italian countryside with the approval of French Army authorities. Sophia Loren even had a movie made about their crimes.

    • ghazisiz says:

      Haven’t read the book, but had a colleague, now retired, who was drafted into the German army towards the end of the war, at age 14. He talked about how the Americans starved surrendering German soldiers to death. Whether it is true or not, it was believed by that generation of Germans.

      • gcochran9 says:

        I don’t think it was.

        • Toddy Cat says:

          What really disturbs me is, this crap has been around for years, I mean, “Other Losses” came out over thirty years ago – why is Ron Unz falling for all this garbage now? I mean, I understand distrusting the official “line” on things, but some things are true, even if the New York Times says it. I always had a lot of respect for Unz, even when I disagreed with him, but some of this is getting on towards tinfoil hat stuff…

          • gcochran9 says:

            ” but some things are true, even if the New York Times says it.” – even Jove nods.

            Probably the same reason that he now thinks David Irving is the bee’s knees.

            • Toddy Cat says:

              Unz is Jewish, isn’t he? Isn’t a Jewish Nazi sympathizer a bit…unusual?

              • gcochran9 says:

                It’s been known to happen.

              • Toddy Cat says:

                By the way, I call bullshit on the whole “Army Rangers killed 300 Italian prisoners in North Africa” story, The only action that this could be referring to is the night raid on Sened Pass, where US Rangers killed about 100 Italians and took 11 prisoners, according to official accounts. There weren’t 300 Italians in the whole damned valley, by all accounts, and since it was a surprise night raid, I’m surprised that they took as many prisoners as they did. That US troops sometimes killed surrendering enemy troops, as did soldiers of all countries, I have no doubt, but there’s no reason to swallow Fascist propaganda hook, line, and sinker.

                World War II was an exceptionally brutal conflict, and nobody came out of it with totally clean hands. But I’ll put the record of British (including Empire) and American troops up against the records of any other armies that fought in that conflict. For example, I hear that Red Army troops didn’t bother with candy bars…

          • TWS says:

            Unz has always been kooky for cocoa puffs on some issues. Illegal alien crime rates for one. But I figured he was just a Californian politician. How can you not Hispander when you’re a Cali politician?

    • Zenit says:

      Every society needs its founding myth. For medieval Europe it was Catholic Christianity, for Soviet Union it was Marxism, for modern West it is WW2.

      From this perspective, the medieval fear and hatred of heretics is easy to understand. Just as medievals were seriously triggered when someone questioned the Church, modern westerners react with panic, rage and fear when someone questions the official story of WW2.

      As the saying goes, this too will pass. The day will come when WW2 is just one more grim chapter in blood drenched history of the world and something different and unimaginable today will serve as “absolute truth” and bedrock of society. Just have patience.

      • Toddy Cat says:


        I agree totally that there’s lots of official bullshit still current about WWII, but that doesn’t mean that the whole official story is bullshit – Unz is acting like a teenage kid who first discovers that, no, “Rat Patrol” and “Combat!” were not actually accurate depictions of WWII, therefore, it’s all, like lies, maan. But just because the Americans were not angels in WWII does not mean that Ike was a mass murderer, just because there was a lot of panic and ass-covering after the Kennedy Assassination doesn’t men that The Man killed him, and just because the Holocaust has been (shamefully) used as a political football by people who should know better doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen. You can forgive a kid for this, but Unz really should know better.

        Besides, the real founding myths of our current elites (at least in the US) are less concerned with WWII than with Vietnam and “Civil Rights” – that’s where the real lies are hiding…

    • Big Bill says:

      Nah. He won’t. Has anyone gone “full Mongol denial” about the Mongols slaughtering 10% of all humanity ca. 1250? Nope. We just don’t care anymore. Wars are brutal. People get killed. Over time people forget. Too much to worry about in the present.

      You can extend memory somewhat by building it into your ritual observance and religious liturgy, or by passing laws to enforce observance by others (i.e. mandatory Holocaust education units in public schools) but even that will fade. It’s just human nature.

  14. austmann says:

    Been into deep house lately. Good drums. Funny videofootage from Japan;https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVYIEB_eKwM, They are like a hive.Music from North-West-Europe. Really good blog u runnin’ btw. One love

  15. austmann says:

    Footage from the streets of Vilnius. Pretty flat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7qTI6Njp9g

  16. austmann says:

    More good deep house:

    You should reckoqnizze Steve Sailer more. Geniuous.

  17. austmann says:

    “We still have them expanding in a big way out of the Pontic-Caspian steppe. And the fact that their impact was mostly male mediated, especially at the two ends of its range, in Iberia and India, suggests that they weren’t just friendly pastoralists looking for new grazing fields.”

  18. Citizen A says:

    So, now it comes out with all the shades of obvious, even genetics is unfair within races:


  19. ProfTomBot says:

    You gotta start em young

  20. I call bull. I taught school in Japan for 15 years. Unless Chinese kids are wildly different from Japanese kids, this article is simply a fabrication.

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