Review of “She Has Her Mother’s Laugh”

My review of Carl Zimmer’s new book, She Has Her Mother’s Laugh, will come out in Quillette, probably next week.

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11 Responses to Review of “She Has Her Mother’s Laugh”

  1. I know you are too proud to bleg. But you should put your hand out anyway. The world needs more wicked takedowns of the Narrative.

    Bonus credits for gratuitous spite.

    • Zimriel says:

      With David Reich it wasn’t gratuitous. That mother f’er started it.

    • David Chamberlin says:

      Cochran isn’t too proud to blog. Her should try to reach a wider audience and he should be paid for his work. The narrative leaking into science from politics regarding human intelligence is flat wrong. Someone has to fight it.

      Here we have the quality that makes us human, here we have one of the rare areas where science is still progressing rapidly, and what do the science reporters do? They sell out. They lie. Let the troubled masses be sold good lies that make them feel better in those vague areas outside of science. They need it, let them have it. But It does not belong in science,

      I am sure the Carl Zimmer’s and David Reich’s of this world feel they are doing the right thing by avoiding uncomfortable truths. They are not. The horrible problems rapidly getting worse in the third world are not being addressed whatsoever. We know why, it is obvious. There is an incredibly high correlation between human misery and low average IQ scores. Nope, we can’t talk about that. It’s racist to even infer such a thing. So the well meaning idealists will all join in unison and pretend that the cause of enormous human suffering that is growing worse all the time is something else than it obviously is.

      One hundred years from now history will not be kind to those idealists who ignored the root cause of growing human misery in the third world. You can’t fix a problem when you pretend it doesn’t exist. If low average IQ scores was a disease causing the same scope of misery and this disease was ignored, it would be considered an atrocity.

      Acknowledging that shifted bell shaped curves of human intelligence exist is not the same thing as pointing to person and saying “you’re inferior or you’re superior.” Why can’t we see that.

  2. Eff says:

    Can they handle your blunt language? Or did you have to turn it down? Haha

    Just kidding, looking forward to reading it.

  3. crew says:

    And in other news:
    More evidence for controversial theory that herpesviruses play role in Alzheimer’s disease

  4. A Erickson says:

    Off topic, but of interest to Greg, two papers (one online now, one appearing online soon) in Neuron on herpesviruses and Alzheimer’s:;

  5. Bies Podkrakowski says:

    OP but relevant to the general interests of this blog – European past resembles Hyborian Age more and more:

    “It would require lots of villages to procure such an army. You can imagine it would have [involved] a very large region, which would have lost a lot of young men after the fight. Generations must have almost disappeared.”

    “Most of the Alken warriors were between the ages of 20 and 40, and just under 5 per cent of them were not yet 20. The youngest remains were of 13-year-old boys.

    Last stand of a tribal confederation?

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