Epstein-Barr causes mono, but it also causes a goodly fraction of lymphomas (Hodgkins, Non-Hodgkins; Burkitt’s lymphoma) and nasopharyngeal cancer (common in south China), while dramatically increasing the risk for a host of autoimmune diseases (multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and celiac disease). You can bet it causes yet other problems.

Long past time for a vaccine.

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27 Responses to Epstein-Barr

  1. magusjanus says:

    Is it a good candidate (or immune reaction to it) for obligate male homosexuality?

    • bob k. mando says:

      “obligate homosexuality”, to the extent that it really is a thing, is a tiny fraction of the population.

      looking at how many societies that have practiced some form of eremenos bonding, even though all adult males were expected to also marry women demonstrates that much of sexual behavior is socialized.

      IF a young male is acclimated to treating almost all forms of sexual contact as one or another form of masturbation
      THEN homosexual contact is considered as not particularly different from heterosexual contact

      the modern fetish demanding that Homosexuality be treated as a fixed and immutable genetic preference ( at the same time that every other aspect of sex differentiation is considered infinitely mutable ) is actually a very recent development and appears to have been created specifically as an attack on Hebrew and Christian strictures on the vice.

      “How dare you punish me for behavior and desires that I can’t control?”

      “I doubt very much that it’s your genes FORCING you to have gang bangs at midnight in off duty meat packing trucks.”

      back in the 60-90s there were still large portions of the Gay populations that advocated AGAINST trying to characterize homosexual lifestyle as driven by genes because they recognized the possible hazard that, viewed honestly, and if it were proven true, that necessarily implies that there would eventually be a genetic screening test which could be used to assay in vitro … so that the fetus could be aborted.

      those “free will” homosexuals tended to refer to themselves as “Queer” instead of “Gay”.

      • magusjanus says:

        Not sure what you’re going on about. Yes obligate male homosexuals are a small % of population probably 1-3% give or take. No, it’s not social, it’s something else entirely. No it’s not “genetic” though there is some vague genes involved it’s likely indirectly (resistance to pathogen that causes it, or autoimmune response). Twin concordance is not zero but it’s also not 50%+, it’s too Low for just genetic.

        My question pertains to what virus sparks it, either directly or via immune system zapping wrong cluster of neurons (likely responsible for sexual targeting) in brain. Likely some childhood infection, maybe though not likely in útero.

        • bob k. mando says:

          given that the actual “homosexual” segment of the population is only ~2%, your confusion perfectly demonstrates my point.

          you assume that all of those 2% are “obligate”, in spite of the fact that YOU KNOW that many of these people carry on heterosexual relationships, even going so far as to get married and produce children. Bill deBlasio, for instance, is married to a Black Woman who used to identify as Lesbian. Lesbian or no, she was clearly NEVER an “obligate” homosexual.


          ie – they aren’t “obligate” at all, they’re bi-sexual. most of them never were anything other than sexually indiscriminate. and rebellious.

          but you have assumed that all this “Muh Genetically Determined Sexual Desire” is actual Science! rather than the Propaganda that it truly is.

          whatever the truly “obligate” portion of the population is actually Homosexual, it’s far less than the 2% of the population that Homosexuals actually make up.

          • teageegeepea says:

            It seems more common for women to live as lesbians for some period of time but later marry a man. There’s even an acronym L.U.G for “lesbian until graduation”. Anecdotally, I’ve encountered a couple women who were with male partners but had previously considered themselves lesbians. The same is not true of males. J Michael Bailey did some research in measuring arousal in response to different stimuli in different combinations of sex/orientation and found that in women there was negligible correlation between stated preference and his measurements, and while that could just mean his measurements for women were flawed he concluded that they don’t have the same sort of clearly defined sexuality as men.

            • Ursiform says:

              I did my graduate work at a school where the student newspaper ran columns explaining that women had to choose between submitting to male domination or being a lesbian. There was a notorious course that taught women to hate men. One woman who took it told me it took a couple of years after taking it to be able to relate normally to men again. I don’t think men are normally subjected to similar “influences”.

              • Jokah Macpherson says:

                I can’t even begin to imagine what kind of “influence” would override my attraction to females, much less make me attracted to dudes. It would definitely take more than 3 credit hours.

              • albatross says:

                The British navy?

          • crew says:

            Male and female homosexuality likely have different etiologies. Moreover, up until recently, an obligate male homosexuals likely produced no offspring (although parental pressure could force them to marry and have offspring), while a female homosexual could be induced to produce offspring. I think it is called sexual coercion.

        • catte says:

          I’ve read reports, here and elsewhere, that among certain hunter-gatherer tribes, homosexuality is completely unknown. If the pathogen hypothesis is true, this would mean the pathogen was not present among these populations. Further, they would have no genetic resistance to it, like Western populations must surely have to some degree. So, have there been outbreaks of homosexuality upon contact with outsiders, like what happened with Old World diseases to Amerindians?

          • Thersites says:

            “So, have there been outbreaks of homosexuality upon contact with outsiders, like what happened with Old World diseases to Amerindians?”

            If the stories about guys like Jacques Lizot and Colin Turnbull are true, then yes, but for entirely different reasons.

          • Ursiform says:

            Not all diseases are easily transmitted.

          • ghazisiz says:

            In the 1980s, among African graduate students at my University, homosexuality was one of the biggest surprises about life in America. It was something they had never considered.

  2. Henry Scrope says:

    Also possibly breast cancer as per Dr Ewald’s book.

  3. Rosenmops says:

    This 2015 study suggest there might not be a link between EBV and RA, though it says their is a clear link with MS.


  4. catte says:

    This is really cool: https://phys.org/news/2018-04-genetic-humans.amp

    Evidence that humans can genetically adapt to diving has been identified for the first time in a new study. The evidence suggests that the Bajau, a people group indigenous to parts of Indonesia, have genetically enlarged spleens which enable them to free dive to depths of up to 70m.

  5. carol2000 says:

    Gastric cancer is the most common EBV-related cancer.

    Epstein-Barr virus and gastric carcinoma. K Takada. Mol Pathol 2000 Oct;53(5):255-261. Review. “The Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) is detected in the tissue of about 10% of gastric carcinoma cases throughout the world. In each case, 100% of carcinoma cells are infected with EBV.” “About 10% of gastric carcinomas throughout the world are monoclonal proliferations of EBV infected carcinoma cells. Gastric carcinoma is one of the most common carcinomas, and the worldwide occurrence of EBV positive gastric carcinoma is estimated at more than 50 000 cases/year.”

  6. James DW says:

    Sorry, as far as I know this off topic–but then again I wouldn’t know when it’s on topic.

    What’s the deal with childhood ear infections? I just saw some study that had it correlating with a bunch of psychological stuff (ADD, maybe some more fully crazy traits). Now, obviously they were looking at that for a reason but I don’t know what it is. What is the hypothesis about babies with ear infections?

    • mtkennedy21 says:

      Maybe Eustachian tube anatomy which could be developmental, if not genetic. All my five kids had PE tubes for otitis media and I had tympanic membrane ostomy when an infant.

    • Anonymous says:

      The connection is likely craniofacial maldevelopment which is known to lead to childhood sleep apnea which is known to be a risk factor for a psychological stuff like ADHD, depression.

  7. Thomas Perry says:

    The connections between MS and EBV have become increasingly interesting. This recent article, “The aliens inside us: HERV-W endogenous retroviruses and multiple sclerosis.” suggests that EBV may activate ancient endogenous retroviruses (MSRV) lurking in our DNA triggering MS. Both the activity of EBV and MSRV correlate with MS exacerbations, worsening course and prognosis.

    The fact that Sardinia has one of highest, if not the highest, MS incidence in the world despite its lower latitude has long intrigued researchers and I note with interest and curiosity that Sardinia has the highest percentage of EEF ancient DNA ancestry in Europe. I guess one question would be what makes Sardinia different from other Mediterranean populations that share its high EEF ancient DNA but not its high MS incidence.

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