Monte Verde

Now they’re talking 18,500 years BP. That’s too old. Unless….

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12 Responses to Monte Verde

  1. Space Ghost says:


  2. bruce says:

    I saw this program listed on my cable guide

    Do you have any opinion about the hypothesis that Solutreans crossed the Atlantic?

  3. The only reference I can find is from 2015, and sets 18.5 KYA as a maximum date:

    Has there been more recent work since then that would make 18.5 KYA more likely to be the correct age?

  4. Smithie says:

    The oldest person I ever knew was close to a 100, and I used to think of the settling of the Americas in terms of multiples of that. It worked pretty well when the estimate was only about 10,000 years or so,

  5. Jacob says:

    Not seeing the last comment. Is this a duplicate?

  6. Josh says:

    ARe the supposed pre Clovis sites in the eastern U.S. bogus?

  7. Daud Deden says:

    Recent article on dating radiocarbon & mtDNA of Great Basin yucca quids might be used on the seaweed quids at Monte Verde?

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