Viva New Mexico!

I have figured out a sure-fire way of preventing New Mexico from coming in last in education stats:

D.C. Statehood!

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13 Responses to Viva New Mexico!

  1. Ziel says:

    Adding Puerto Rican statehood would ensure it doesn’t even come in next to last

  2. AppSocRes says:

    But that might have some slight negative effect on the average IQ of Congress, the Senate, and eventually the Executive Office and Judiciary. And given the low starting position we are working from, I find that very frightening.

  3. u2e1 says:

    That would only work in the short term since test scores are rising as DC demographics are changing…

  4. biz says:

    Not for long though. DC demographics are changing fast.

    • Smithie says:

      It’s a wonder to me that it hasn’t completely changed already. DC is a super zip. The Federal Trough. A place where they literally print money. And where you can buy influence. Some of the most limited real estate in the world.

    • Greying Wanderer says:

      the people driving this want a poor (thus cheap) servant/voter class so their replacing a less docile servant caste with a more docile servant class has a rigid upper limit on increased average IQ.

      it could only improve above that limit if/when both superior and cheaper AI android servants become available and the people at the top decide to kill everyone they no longer need – and maybe not even then if they enjoy gloating.

  5. dearieme says:

    I recommend that 49 states secede from the Union, leaving California as the USA. The USA would continue to own Washington DC, plus Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, and any other bits-and-bobs of colonies you chaps have.

    It seems a flawless plan to me.

  6. spottedtoad says:

    DC is now the top performing large city for whites, and is generally so wealthy now that it might not even work.

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