Dead Presidents

That time again: time to contribute. You can send funds via Paypal, by check (to me or to West Hunter Incorporated if you’re after deductibility).

You can also send bitcoins, to 1Jv4cu1wETM5Xs9unjKbDbCrRF2mrjWXr5.

Many people enjoyed my podcast interview with James Miller. If there is enough interest and enthusiasm, I could do more. Thinking of a regular version of this, presumably called “Pod People”.

There are rivals for my time and affections: if one makes the right offer, there might not be much left for you. You wouldn’t want that, would you?

Still aiming at the Kwisatz Haderach, nootropics, and resisting the current tide of crazy.

If you know of other people that might enjoy this blog, pass it on. Especially if they are sustaining injuries from rolling around in a vault full of doubloons and triploons: I’d be glad to help.

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23 Responses to Dead Presidents

  1. sflicht says:

    I would listen if you had a regular podcast.

  2. I quite enjoyed the James Miller podcast. His last bit about it going on for 6 hours(!) and not including those parts that would get him fired was a nice ending. If you are looking for more, years ago Razib Khan would do 20 questions from some interesting folks. So if you have time, doing an email 20 questions with someone like him, or perhaps (though I suppose less likely) Scott Alexander aka slatestarcodex would be likely to produce higher interest content per hour of your time than many alternatives.

  3. Michael Daxhammer says:

    I really liked the interview. Podcasts or videos would really spread at least something of the reality to the average interested person because there is time to explain and give some examples to the 99 percent that didn’t read quant. genetics or have the overview of the latest studies. Or like your well and easy written book with Henry Harpending undoubtedly did. Even economists like Tilo Sarrazin in his retirment had time to read you and cite your book in his latest devilish publication. I mean he is the dark lord and paria in Germany. Maybe some not so dumb people would like to see a concise and consistent introduction to all the facts you or e.g. Jayman write about: The truth about life, the universe and everything or something like that. Your appearance on Harald Eia was important too. Of course sociologists will never learn. But normal people are more open to accept maybe 1/4 of your writing cause they arent sociologists and that crazy. As you said Mr Cochran: Every farmer and dog breeder knew and still knows more about the facts than the normal scientist. So do normal people. Maybe a lot less than farmers but still they know something. It’s more difficult to follow your blog with your written ideas and answers when the reader isnt really into some of the genetic field. So maybe you could reach a broader audience.

    • MawBTS says:

      I hear you, but honestly Greg’s skills would be wasted on Genetics 101. There’s tons of places where you can learn what “heritibility” and “heterozygosity” means. This is the place for freaky shit.

  4. Lee Wang says:

    I’d like some FAQ’s and reading list/link dump.

  5. I wish you luck in reaching a wider audience even if it means neglecting West Hunter. I would encourage the idea of you exploring Pod cast options. Who becomes popular and receives the attention of millions is more likely to be the biggest idiot than someone who is thoughtful and original.

    It is what it is and it ain’t changing. Keep up the good work. and thank$.

  6. spottedtoad says:

    It probably doesn’t interest you much, but I think that if anyone wants to change how people think, the place to fight it out isn’t op-ed pages and political campaigns but kids’ textbooks and curricula and museum exhibits, etc. Just getting a few paragraphs about behavioral genetics into high school textbooks, getting a few books with lots of colorful pictures about recent human evolution into kids’ hands before they’re entirely drowned in “there are no biological differences between groups of people” imaginaria, getting across the idea that there are useful ways of helping people that come from understanding their ancestry (sickle cell, diabetes or pre-term birth hazard, etc) would be very valuable in the medium-term.
    Now, if you wrote the book, it gets published, maybe there would be an uproar when your scurrilous past was revealed; SWAT teams would descend on school libraries to airlift out the offending, glossy colored times; but maybe under a pseudonym…Kwisatz Haderach maybe?

    • william Norton says:

      I agree with spotted toad. Kid’s text books, including university kids, is where the Progressives started, and won.

  7. Jack Highlands says:

    A change would do you good – take up the podcast epee and drop the Westhunt cudgel.

  8. Eikos says:

    I’m sure someone here could finagle Greg onto Joe Rogan’s podcast.

  9. Lars says:

    Really enjoyed the Miller podcast and would listen to a regular version…What’s the address for checks/cash? Same as the ’14 post?

    • JediWonk says:

      I am new and have a lot more money than time. What is that mailing address where have my accountant send a check?

      • gcochran9 says:
        1. Mail a check, made out to West Hunter Incorporated. Send it to

        Gregory Cochran

        6708 Loftus Ave, NE

        Albuquerque, New Mexico 87109

        You can make non-deductible donations to Paypal (use the site button). If you send a significant amount through PayPal and want deductibilty, it can arranged, which would include a receipt.

        If another donation method would be convenient for you, write me at and we’ll work it out. This also applies to unconventional donations, such as doubloons, triploons, copies of The Ocean or On Sphere-Making, The Concert, a breeding pair of passenger pigeons, etc.

        P.S. my Bitcoin address is 1Jv4cu1wETM5Xs9unjKbDbCrRF2mrjWXr5. Pronounced “mxyzptlk”

        P.P.S. You can send money to me from a credit card (non-deductible) via Google Wallet to my gmail address (

        • Anonymous says:

          If I remember correctly though, those guys got extinct because they needed to congregate in large numbers to breed, so once they became quite rare they suffered the “Allee effect”. So don’t accept a mere pair.

  10. whyteablog says:

    You’re a professional scientist but with an amateur blog. I love these scribblings, but I wouldn’t give anyone money unless they put out a lot of content.

    If you did weekly podcasts and posted them to YouTube, you might get some shekels out of it. Certainly you’d reach way more people.

    Start with an interview with Stefan Molyneux if you want publicity. Everyone and their mother watches that guy (and he gets donations as a result). He’s already done interviews with Gottfredson and Nyborg so you’re not too controversial for him.

    • I don’t know what this guy Molyneux is or what he isn’t, I will check him out.
      Cochran contributed to science, he pushed a little bit towards greater truth. Bloggers just wave their dicks in the wind.

  11. deuce says:

    A Molyneux podcast would be a great idea. His subscriptions have been going up 10+K a month. He was shaky about HBD a few years ago, but he’s full-on now. Your conversational style would go over like gangbusters. Plus, Molyneux seems to be into the same genres of fiction as you, so there would be simpatico things going on at several levels.

  12. Frau Katze says:

    I donated what I could (under my real name) but I’m kind of tapped with my son already have required help with tuition fees. My email contains the pseudonym name parts so you should be able to figure it out.

  13. Morten says:

    (Sorry if this shows up twice, there was some sort of hickup when I tried to post.)

    You should consider setting up a creator account at Patreon: — I’d be happy to contribute if you did, with a monthly sum.

    Patreon is all the rage now among people who create original content on the net, including those who just write blog articles. From a quick look of my own list of those I support, I see Gwern (grab bag of topics), Sam Harris (anti-theology, politics), Dr Randy Olson (data visualization), Wait But Why (tech, philosophy), the War Nerd / Gary Brecher (war history, ethnography, politics), Scott Alexander (Slatestarcodex, misc topics), and a handful of others within my own field (computer programming) — and those are just the writers, the majority of creators on Patreon do videos or podcasts.

    They seems to do really well, too. Sam Harris is at $5’200 pr podcast he creates now (basically just him reading a text, or chatting one-on-one with someone), which he typically do a couple of times a month, the War Nerd is at $5’500 pr podcast, and also does 2+ pr month, the Wait But Why blogger gets $13’600 pr month, and that’s just blog articles, etc etc.

    Not saying you would necessarily do as well, of course, I would assume you have a smaller following. But I don’t think there’s anything to lose in setting yourself up there.

  14. rob says:

    Have you considered becoming a sperm donor? It just takes a couple minutes of your time for $$.

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