Henry Harpending

Henry has had a serious stroke, and is hospitalized. That’s about all I can say right now.

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59 Responses to Henry Harpending

  1. Sam says:

    Long-time lurker here. Very sad to hear the news and eagerly hoping for his speedy recovery.

  2. rw says:

    Thanks for letting us know. Will be praying for Henry.

  3. Rik Storey says:

    I just emailed him a few hours ago to ask about health, among other things. I am shocked. Our thoughts are with you and his family.

  4. Oh no! I’m thinking of Henry with fingers crossed, wishing a quick recovery.

  5. Ursiform says:

    Unfortunate news.

  6. JayMan says:

    Very sorry to hear that! I hope he makes a full and speedy recovery!

  7. Ilya says:

    I’m wishing Prof. Harpending a full recovery. May God and doctors help him!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Long time lurker, horrible news. All the best.

  9. I am so sorry to hear this bad news, and hope that he will make a good recovery as soon as possible.

  10. gordon west says:

    I would second commenter Ilya’s thoughts.

  11. Aristocles Invictus says:

    So sorry to hear that, let’s all pray a speedy and full recovery.

  12. Paul Hundred says:

    Haven’t prayed in a while, but I’ll give it a shot. All my best, Henry.

  13. Bla says:

    Sorry to hear it, hope he will have a quick recovery. All the best to you two.

  14. anon says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with Henry and his family.

  15. sabracakeboo says:

    Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I will be praying for a full recovery

  16. Long time lurker here as well, best wishes to Prof. Harpending. I hope he makes a quick and complete recovery.

  17. Lord have mercy on your child and on his family.

  18. syonredux says:

    Very sorry to hear that. My hopes and prayers are with him.

  19. Sandgroper says:

    Sorry to hear.

  20. Good luck Henry. Here is an interview with Henry Harpending, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pNn3gOELAg. He is asked a dumb question at 8:02 and his answer is worth listening to. We can all aspire to think like scientists, humanity is going forward because science is going forward, and science is going forward because of people like Henry Harpendeng.

  21. Joe KG says:

    Long Time Lurker.

    Sorry to hear that.

    Hope for a speedy recovery!

  22. JW Bell says:

    My condolences to his family. I’ve had the pleasure of reading him over the years.

  23. MawBTS says:

    Poor Henry.

    Best wishes to him and his family.

  24. Xeon says:

    Terrible news. Get well, Henry!

  25. He is such a gentle teacher, especially appreciated by this slow learner.

  26. Pyrrhus says:

    Very sorry, my prayers go with him.

  27. st says:

    Shocked and saddened. Best man on the field,example of academic honesty and dignity. Wishing him full recovery. The saddest thing – there was a cure. It might not be too late. Piracetam works miracles in cases like his. Recovery rates sometimes full. In use for 60 years in most of the rest of the world as first line of treatment. Must be given the first 7 hours post stroke in liquid form intravenously in hospital environment, 9 grams per 24 hours for 7 days, 4.2 gr. in pill form after first week for prevention. Of course,FDA has never heard of it. Most people recover fully, speech, reading and motion or at least there is never repeat. Brain learns to read and write again, relocates the center of reading from right to left or vice versa.
    So sorry to hear that.

  28. Oh goodness. All I can say is I’m hoping for the best. :_( I’ve loved this blog for years.

  29. I am more upset than I would’ve expected. The nation can ill afford to lose men of Pr H quality. And he was the baddest good cop in the history of the routine. I’ll be mentioning him in my prayers.

  30. austmann says:

    Hoping for the best possible outcome. Best wishes.

  31. M. M. says:

    Awful! Best wishes.

  32. another fred says:

    So sorry for him. I hope he makes a good recovery, the world needs him.

  33. Philip Neal says:

    Shocked and saddened to see this. Hoping he recovers fully and swiftly, he is a man we need.

  34. Giovanni Giustiniani says:

    Very very bad

  35. jamesg1103 says:

    Get well!

  36. Andy says:

    Sorry to hear, thoughts are with him.

  37. Anonymous says:

    a not so long time lurker. I pray for a good outcome for him

  38. Sean says:

    Yet another lonely battle for Professor Harpending Wishing him a steady and sure recovery surrounded by his family.

  39. The Monster from Polaris says:

    I wish him a quick and complete recovery.

  40. AppSocRes says:

    Terrible news. There are few such talented, brave, and honest academics in this country. The temporary loss of even one is a tragedy. I will say a quiet prayer for him and what I hope will be his quick and full recovery

  41. hbd chick says:

    oh, no. hope he recovers, as soon as possible. best wishes to him and his family.

  42. spottedtoad says:

    Sorry to hear that. Hoping for a speedy recovery.

  43. Yudi says:

    Very sad news. I hope he feels better soon.

  44. Ron Pavellas says:

    This is sad news. We’re distant cousins and have communicated privately about genealogy. He seems a very kind and generous man. I pray he shall have a sufficient degree of recovery to enjoy his life for many years more. I hope also he will be able to read these words.

  45. So sad to hear it. Henry, get well!

  46. n/a says:

    Very sad. He is a great man

  47. Anonymous says:

    Very sorry to hear this. Wishing you strength for the future, Henry.

  48. Jeff R. says:

    Sad news. Best wishes to him and his family.

  49. Calvin Hobbes says:

    Best wishes to Henry. He’s a great man.

  50. Pass on all our desires for his ful curmugeonliness to be restored ASAP, please? His people need him…

  51. Julian says:

    Sad news, you two are something of a dynamic duo in terms of providing realistic analysis across human evolution, history and contemporary society. I wish Dr Harpending all the best with his recovery.

  52. Sideways says:

    Best wishes, Henry.

  53. IC says:

    Wish the best.

  54. Toddy Cat says:

    My prayers are with him.

  55. I’ll be praying for him. He’s a gift to this world.

  56. deuce says:

    Just saw this. Hoping for the best.

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