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If the Universe is a simulation

Cheat codes, among many other things. Advertisements

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Inferring an AQ

Back in December Greg and I posted a draft of a paper on assortative mating, class, and caste. We asked for input and we got a lot, for which we are grateful. In that manuscript we described a thought experiment … Continue reading

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Breeding Value

I’m going to steal most of this example, to make a point. The numbers are chosen  for convenience. Measured IQ can be decomposed into two components – genotypic expectation and everything else, which means epistasis,  developmental noise, measurement error, environmental … Continue reading

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Germline selection

Mutations go up with paternal age.  Generally,  the increase is nearly linear with age, but a few increase far more rapidly.  In those cases, a special mechanism is involved. One of those cases is Apert syndrome,  a nasty congenital disorder … Continue reading

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