From the cutting room floor

A haplotype (haploid genotype) is a particular pattern of variation along a chromosome. Imagine three successive variable sites – the first can be G or C (representing guanine or cytosine), the second can be A (adenine) or G, while the third can be T (thymine) or C.  A particular individual might have C in the first site A in the second site, and T in the third site – his haplotype would be CAT, while another person (presumably Catalan) has the haplotype CGT.  A haplotype is like a hand of poker: the bases in the variable sites are like individual cards. ”

Some of my jokes are obscure.


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7 Responses to From the cutting room floor

  1. Yes, that’s the word I was reaching for: obscure.

  2. Greying Wanderer says:

    “Neandertals were a source of adaptive variation for loci involved in skin phenotypes”

  3. Sandgroper says:

    I enjoyed John Hawks’ lumberjack joke more.

  4. dearieme says:

    When I first wanted to memorise the letter abbreviations for the bases I settled on the notion that man (for instance) evolved in the tropics so it was natural that the letters be AC and G&T.

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