Government intrusion on privacy


My younger boys interviewed a state senator, for a merit badge, and it turns out that he knew that there was a loose board that allows one to go directly from the linen closet to the bathroom, without using the door.

In our house.

That’s taking things pretty far.


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31 Responses to Government intrusion on privacy

  1. Ziel says:

    Perhaps. But if there ever was a troublemaker who needed watching…

  2. That Guy says:

    Are you sure you haven’t been pranked by your younger boys?!

  3. Sandgroper says:

    Jeez, I thought they had more sophisticated methods than hiding in the linen closet.

  4. Confirms that you are a Person of Interest. Rage at the intrusion, but be quietly comforted by being worth intruding upon. Somewhere in Govt there may be a loose board which allows them to go directly from prying to thinking.

  5. Roma in the Glaucoma says:

    That’s taking things pretty far.

    I warned you about dissing the gypsies:

    […] after this post, you’re going to have to watch out for […] the far-reaching tentacles of Gossad, the notorious gypsy spy agency. I have a feeling you’ve finally taken on too big a target, as far as intellectual power and societal clout go.

    Godwin’s Law

    • Is ‘Gypsies’ a code word?

      • Roma in the Glaucoma says:

        Is ‘Gypsies’ a code word?

        Of course not. People only have to use code-words in societies controlled by criminals who don’t want their crimes discussed.

        Matt Drudge was right when he said last week that Ms. Feinstein was acting is a fascistic way. The woman is breathtaking in her control freakiness. Just watch this video. She has no qualms trashing the most fundamental right there is, to speak freely. The great unwashed have been given a voice in the Internet which is troublesome in her view. We must license journalism. If it is licensed, the state can control it. It appears that she holds ordinary citizens who would speak up against the power structure in deep disdain. She may dislike them as much as she dislikes ordinary citizens with guns. Likely she just assumes the two groups are probably the same folks for the most part anyway and should therefore be systematically curtailed. — Diane Feinstein defines free speech, the 1st Amendment, a “privilege.” (Video)

      • Ambacti says:

        Drudge is a Gypsy. I would bet good money that a disproportianate number of posters here are also Gypsies.

  6. Ian says:

    That’s why I’m not a big fan of Elias (and Pinker) “civilizing process”. It may have done some good things at first, but it has ended producing totalitarian, feminized and dysgenic societies. And the worse is still to come…

  7. JayMan says:

    “it turns out that he knew that there was a loose board that allows one to go directly from the linen closet to the bathroom, without using the door.”

    Perhaps that was said to make sure you know that? Damn…

  8. P says:

    So I’d guess that this state senator is a relative of yours, or that you bought your house from him.

  9. If this is true, why not name the senator and see what happens?

  10. dave chamberlin says:

    If it just so happened that he had children that were told by your children about that secret passageway than how could I know? What else do I know about you that I shouldn’t. In the words of the immortal Peewee Herman “there are some things you wouldn’t understand, there are some things you couldn’t understand, and there are some things you shouldn’t understand.”

  11. Patrick Boyle says:

    Why so shocked Greg, we all knew that. It’s all detailed in your online dossier.

  12. TWS says:

    Okay, questions, are you just punking us?

    Why would he tell your son and how would that even come up?

    How would the government know and how would a senator find out if they did know?

  13. Are you sure you don’t have drones hovering in your hallways and bedrooms?

  14. Nick says:

    I have a question unrelated, but probably discussed somewhere in this blog before.
    So the idea is that Europeans and Asians have larger cranial capacities, and that this is linked to higher IQs than seen in Africans.
    African Americans are an admixed population, with about 80% African ancestry and 20% European ancestry overall. But many African American individuals are of 50% of more of European descent. Someone who looks like Obama would likely be considered African American without a second thought.
    Would you then assume, or is there any data suggesting, that African Americans who are 50/50 Euro/Afro have cranial capacities and IQs that fall in between the African American and Euro American averages?
    The social argument, that African Americans test lower on IQ scores and do worse in schools because of social reasons, racism, discrimination, poor schools, etc. could easily be tested in this way. Do a 50/50 African Americans do better in the same social situation as 90/10 African Americans? Do they graduate school more often, do they have higher IQ scores, etc.

  15. dearieme says:

    “Do a 50/50 African Americans do better in the same social situation …”: see Joe Biden’s words of wisdom on Obama.

  16. Andrew says:

    “it turns out that he knew that there was a loose board that allows one to go directly from the linen closet to the bathroom, without using the door.”

    I grew up in an old house that had a small door to a common space that accessed the washroom and another bedroom. I think the idea is that the residents would put their laundry in a hamper in this space and someone would access it from the washroom (before washing machine days). The dumbwaiter is the vertical version for multiple stories. This may be a feature of homes in your neighborhood if your house is old. Perhaps the senator knew about such a feature. But I don’t know.

    Your concern is well founded either way. I made a $100 political contribution in 2008 and my address was put on the web and shortly thereafter I was visited by political agitators. I was audited by the IRS for my 2010 return ( now they have pay me what they really owe! Ha! ).

    Something is up and its not good!

  17. secret agent man, guantanamo bay cuba 16425 says:

    Greg I’m sorry about what we did your architect but it had to be done.

  18. I’d be interested in knowing the rest of the story, but yes, it is creepy.
    In our house the linen closet is already in the bathroom, so I don’t think I’m picturing this well.
    That would have to be a large board, if moving only one let you use it as a substitute door.
    What’s the catch?

  19. Jason says:

    Wait, everyone is treating this as a joke but it seems damn serious to me. How did this come up in conversation and why would the state senator share it? Did the senator say how he got the information? Mainly I would be curious how he knew such intimate details about your house. And if obtained by fishy or intrusive means, why he wanted to share that with your children??

    • gcochran9 says:

      Well, they correctly sensed that it was a joke, although everything I said was literally true. That state senator (now the Majority Whip) grew up across the street from where we live. He used to play with the kids of the family that lived in our house before we bought it, twenty years ago – played a lot in our back yard. Since we know his parents, we had an in, and so he was the elected representative we contacted for my sons’ merit badge.

  20. panjoomby says:

    you were merely assessing our paranoia levels!
    (& doing it unbeknownst to us — hey, the NSA can use a guy like you:)

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