Stupid Penguins

I said this about Bush a few years ago:

If the President had decided (because of a stroke with truly interesting side effects) that we could no longer stand idly by in the eternal conflict between penguins and skuas ( penguins = Good, skuas = Evil) and sent an expeditionary force to Antarctica, an expedition in which a thousand soldiers froze to death and ten thousand others lost limbs to frostbite – an expedition that cost one hundred billion dollars, a conflict in which the skuas and blizzards left the issue in doubt, one in which we discovered that penguins are thoroughly unlikable when you get to know them better – if he had done this instead of invading Iraq, the country would be substantially better off than it is today.

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5 Responses to Stupid Penguins

  1. Rex May says:

    I’m absolutely delighted that you’re doing a blog. I was alerted to it by the alert Steve Sailer. I’ve linked to this post here:

  2. blert says:

    operation enduring freezin?

  3. futureboy says:

    But pictures at 10 of really cool high tech missiles at $100m each, blowing up skuas would not make nearly as interesting TV

    I think most recent western wars, certainly those against Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya, serve the same purpose that gladiatorial circuses did in Toman times – to keep the people entertained.

    Some atgue that it is because of a desire for world conquest, to grab oil ot other resources ar a way of slipping money to politically connected “defence” firms but in terms of the first 2 of these they seem to have been organised particularly ineptly.

  4. Tod says:

    Clever Parrots

    “Wolfowitz was so insistent on conquering Iraq that five days later Cheney had to tell him to “stop agitating for targeting Saddam.” According to one Republican lawmaker, he “was like a parrot bringing [Iraq] up all the time. It was getting on the President’s nerves.” (Elliot and Carney, “First Stop, Iraq.) Woodward describes Wolfowitz as “like a drum that would not stop.” (Plan of Attack, p. 22)

  5. j says:

    Out of context, but shockingly correct: “Penguins are thoroughly unlikable when you get to know them better”. They are stinking aggressive faux birds. Good metaphor.

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